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What does a specialty paint company in Detroit, faced with getting a pallet-load of wood stain to his furniture factory customer in North Carolina, holding up production until it arrives, have in common with a telecom company logistics manager in Northern California who has to get several large spools of coaxial cable to installers waiting in desperation in Detroit?

They both need a priority freight company with a proven track record of getting shipments to their destination when there's not a minute of wiggle room to spare.

In other words they need ExpeditedFreight.com. All it takes is a phone call to set things into motion, and within hours one of Expedited Freight's network of drivers schooled in the ways of urgent shipping will be arriving at their loading docks to start the journey.

Priority Freight Services via Expedited Trucking

Priority Freight Trucking In the case of the Pacific Coast telecom shipment, the vehicle might be a sprinter van, or it might be a straight truck — whichever the customer service agent who took the call deems to be more cost-efficient for the customer.

No matter which, the vehicle will be dedicated solely to the spools of cable for the entire next day freight trip. In cases like this, where an overnight drive is called for, two drivers may be dispatched, so they can spell each other eliminating nap stops. Since the van will not be making any stops to pick up or discharge other shipments, the installers will have their cable the next day. Traveling nonstop solo also minimizes the possibility of damage occurring along the way.

Priority Freight Services via Air Freight

Priority Air Freight The cross-country priority freight paint shipment will involve several modes of transportation. First it will be picked up in a dedicated sprinter van and driven nonstop to the closest airport.

Once it arrives, it will be transferred to the next available air freight flight to the airport nearest to its North Carolina destination. In most cases the plane will be a consolidated flight on which, moment by another dedicated vehicle and delivered to its anxious recipient.

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Priority Freight Services via Teamwork

Priority Freight Services When you ship with ExpeditedFreight.com, you can be certain, everyone involved along the way will be dedicated to helping you meet your urgent deadline, from the dedicated agent who takes your call to the driver who hands it over to the customer awaiting it with open arms.

Team of Dedicated Agents : The agent who answers your call will be your point of contact throughout the delivery, from the first call to any followup questions you may have after your freight has been received at its destination. Having an agent dedicated to your shipment means you don't have to waste time with explanations or introductions should you have any questions along the way. But then, you probably won't have any questions because this same agent will follow your freight's progress on its journey, and act proactively to keep you posted with timely updates.

Network of skilled Drivers: As soon as your dedicated agent finishes with your call, he or she will dispatch a vehicle appropriate to the size and weight of your urgent freight, being careful not to match it up with more than it needs. The driver who gets the assignment will be a member of our network of trained professionals at the ready in all 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico, with an impeccable history of safe driving. Depending on the weight, shape, and dimensions of your priority freight, the driver may arrive in a sprinter van, flatbed, tractor trailer or straight truck whichever is the fastest and most affordable solution for your emergency delivery dilemma.

State-of-the-Art Logistics Technology: Your priority freight shipment may be out of your sight, but it will never be off your radar. Both your agent and your driver have constant access to the latest in satellite tracking enabling them to canvass the route ahead to detect any congested areas, traffic accidents, or road work site and re-route ahead of time. They will employ this same technology to keep you in touch as well.

Expedited Freight.com, a Peace of Mind Priority Freight Company

Thanks to the connections we've made in our decade-plus years of providing next day and priority freight services, ExpeditedFreight.com is well-versed in handling freight of all sizes and dimensions and getting it to its destination no matter where that may be or what the daunting deadline. So why not put your next priority freight shipment in our qualified hands and bask in the peace of mind that comes from knowing it's on its expedited way.

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