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You have freight that needs to be delivered ASAP. That's what we do.

If you're in a hurry and facing an emergency, call us at (800) 713-1000 for immediate service.

We're headquartered in Newport Beach, CA with offices across the nation. Our entire mission is providing premium quality, expedited shipping, transportation and logistics services. We manage a fleet of aircraft that can deliver your goods the same day, the next morning, or the next day by close of business — and a nationwide fleet of tens of thousands of vehicles that can be dispatched within minutes. Call us ay (800) 713-1000 to get started.

The Expedited Freight Company Is Transforming the Industry

Expedited Group Sites

We're remaking and revolutionizing the logistics and transportation industry. First, we recognize that no freight shipment is too small or too large — and that there is no destination too close or too far away. No matter what you have or where it needs to go, we'll transport it to its destination all the while staying in constant touch with you on the status of your shipment. Most important: We'll get it there on time, every time.

Second, we count on our experienced staff to work directly with you. You'll be assigned a single point of contact, a highly trained and experienced transportation specialist, who cares about your shipment and stays in contact with you throughout the delivery cycle. You won't have to wonder where your shipment is while it's on route to the destination, because we track shipments electronically and provide you that information in real time.

Third, we launched a company-wide digital transformation in 2007 that brings the latest digital technologies to bear on your transportation needs. We track your air shipments using satellite technology to monitor the progress of every delivery. We interface with carriers electronically and use the latest logistics technology to maximize speed and efficiency —responding almost instantly to your specific needs.

When you deal with The Expedited Freight Company and any of its air or ground delivery divisions, you won't have to worry about getting your shipment to the airport. We handle that for you through our ground shipping services. Likewise, when your shipment arrives at the destination airport, our local ground service will receive it and deliver it to your final destination. You'll no longer need to waste time getting competitive quotes from ground transport companies in two different cities. One call to Expedited Freight Company covers it all at an affordable price.

Choose the Service that's Best for You

You can choose from an array of expedited delivery services and options. Our expert staff is standing by 24 x 7 x 365 to help you choose the services that best meet your needs. To summarize, Expedited Freight Company provides the following three major categories of freight delivery. Within each you'll find a variety of options designed to address your specific needs.

  • Expedited Air Freight services
  • Expedited Ground Freight transportation
  • Same Day Services

Expedited Air Freight

Expedited Air Freight Expedited Freight Company gives you a host of options when you're putting your goods in the air. Your choices range from Air Charter and Air Freight service to Overnight Ground Delivery and even a Next Flight Out option that gives you fast turnaround. Air Charter Service is our most customized form of air delivery and the fastest shipping method available.

In all cases of air delivery, you'll get frequent and timely updates on the status of your shipment. You'll know precisely when and where your freight will arrive and, with our single point of contact approach, you won't be transferred to different people each time your goods cross borders or move to another form of transport. One Expedited Freight Company agent handles everything for you and keeps you in the know.

Expedited Air Freight services:

  • Air Charter Service. Expedited Freight Company is the leading provider of air charter for cargo in North America, serving the United Sates, Canada and Mexico. When you choose this option, we select an aircraft that's sized to carry your freight, and yours is the only freight carried on that aircraft. We don't make side-trips or stop-overs to other destinations for other customers. Your delivery flies directly to its destination. An experienced professional on our team serves as your dedicated contact who will answer any questions about your shipment before it's loaded, after it's in the air, or even after landing. There's no freight too small and none too large for our Air Charter service.
  • Air Freight/ Air Cargo Service. When expedited Air Freight or Air Cargo service is your first choice, we'll track your shipment and provide you with periodic updates along the route. You'll no longer need to spend time waiting around at the airport because your dedicated agent will be just a phone call away. You'll have 24 x 7 access to that agent who is equipped to handle every aspect of your critical freight shipment, no matter what industry you're in or the kind of freight you're shipping. Then, as your shipping needs change and evolve, you'll enjoy the freedom to switch between scheduled and chartered flights.
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Expedited Ground Freight

To accommodate the many ground freight requirement our customers have brought to us, we offer a number of premium services that address virtually every need.

Expedited Ground Freight

Expedited Ground Freight services:

  • Dedicated Freight. Unlike scheduling transport on a truck that will carry goods from multiple companies and that may have several destination points, our Dedicated Freight service assigns a truck to handle your goods only. We select a vehicle based upon its storage capacity, size and other features consistent with the goods you want to ship. With this level of customization and attention to detail, you can operate at full efficiency in delivering your goods on time.
  • Hot Shot Trucking. Do you need to move oversized loads from point to point? If so, our hot shot drivers have more than a decade of experience transporting mega-size and ultra-wide equipment for the construction, energy, and automotive sectors. Don't spend time looking for a company that delivers traditionally packed cartons or palletized loads, but that has to scramble to find the type of truck and trailer your over-sized cargo needs, and then has to locate drivers with experience operating this type of vehicle. With Expedited Freight Company, your cargo will never share a vehicle with other customers' shipments. It will be dedicated to your load, and yours alone.

Further, while we specialize in expedited shipments, our hot shot truckers can handle dedicated shipments as well as conventionally packaged and palletized goods. We cover the entire U.S., Canada and Mexico with more than 55,000 vehicles.

Same Day Services

Same Day Services When you need to deliver goods the same day, there's no need to waste time looking for a reliable carrier, risking your shipment to traditional delivery services, or paying too much. One call to Expedited Freight Company puts you in touch with our dedicated team of professionals. They can accommodate any parcel or pallet size over any distance, delivering the same day both locally and across the country.

With our coordinated air and ground services, your same day shipment is guaranteed. We can pickup your goods and deliver them by ground to the destination. Or, for longer distances, we can marry air freight services with ground services to pick up your goods at the departure point, load it onto the aircraft, and deliver it via ground at the destination. Either way, critical shipments can be delivered regionally or across the nation with pickup and final delivery taking place on a single day. Expedited Freight Company covers the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii as well as Canada and Mexico. We'll assure that your goods are stored safely and that they'll arrive on time, every time.

We'll track your shipment while it's on route and give you updates as needed. You can call us to check where your shipment is right now, or at any time before, during or after your delivery has been completed. No matter what you may need, we're dedicated to providing excellent customer support from start to finish.

You can use our same day services for B2B and B2C delivery, and even for Last Mile deliveries. For companies that use a Just in Time inventory model, these same day services can keep production moving forward.

Same Day ground service provides dedicated sprinter vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks, 53-foot dry vans and a wide variety of flatbed units all tracked via GPS and our 24-hour dispatch service. This includes palletized product, containerized product, bulk liquid management, and temperature-controlled distribution.

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The Expedited Freight Company

About Expedited Freight Company

When you work with the Expedited Freight Company, you gain access to a full line of services and experts that will delight you. Our focus on customers and their unique needs ensures we'll meet your your logistics needs.

There's no better way to learn more about us than to scan our customer reviews, and then to give us a call at (800) 713-1000. We look forward to working with you.

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