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As an industry, expedited transportation is undergoing a revolution.

ExpeditedFreight.com, as part of the global brand of Expedited Freight Company, stands at the forefront of freight companies. Customers expect deliveries in an increasingly shorter interval, and only the most dedicated providers will make the cut. Through careful search engine optimization and the highest commitment to quality express freight services, Air Freight.com ensures an increasing market share with a reliable service customers can trust.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

The modern world is tightly-connected. When businesses interact with companies around the world in real-time, shipping services must increase their pace. Conventional shipping methods may work for small-time projects and consumers, but many businesses need a much firmer guarantee.

Expedited Shipping

Simply put, expedited shipping helps people send or receive a shipment in a shorter period of time than the average. For businesses that rely on shipping for mission-critical products and services, timing is everything. An expedited delivery might make the difference between project success and failure. Express carriers usually achieve a shorter delivery timeline by limiting the number of stops along the way.

How Does Expedited Freight Work?

Expedited freight is similar to expedited shipping, but there are a few important distinctions. Many businesses need their shipment to take precedence. They cannot afford to worry that other shipments on the truck will be delivered first, forcing their delivery time to a later hour or day.

When a person requests expedited freight, it often means that they will get a dedicated carrier. Although hiring a dedicated trucking company can accommodate a full load, this is not always necessary. Scheduling dedicated cargo service helps ensure that the shipment claims full priority for the best delivery time possible.

Clients will never have to play phone tag with different providers, and they can rest assured that their shipment will be the #1 priority.

The process is designed to be as simple as possible for customers:

  • Identify what needs shipping, and where it must go.
  • Select a time-frame that allows the package to get there just in time.
  • Determine if the shipment must be regular or urgent freight.
  • Get a quote for the shipment.
  • Communicate with an agent to confirm the details.
  • Keep a single contact person until the package arrives, safe and sound.

How Can ExpeditedFreight.com Guarantee Same Day Delivery Services?

Expedited Freight Same Day Delivery By using a variety of methods to guarantee a target shipping time, ExpeditedFreight.com gives customers the peace of mind knowing that their shipments will arrive according to their specifications. Air cargo services offer the convenience of moving across the country within a matter of hours. ExpeditedFreight.com achieves this goal by partnering with charter services across the country.

Instead of having to call dozens of providers to find one available to handle a shipment, agents identify a company’s cargo needs, find an available service that will meet them, and schedule a pickup. This dedicated cargo service gives clients one point of contact and nationwide coverage.

Depending on the location, ExpeditedFreight.com can use other dedicated carriers to get time-sensitive material to the right location within a reasonable time-frame. Dedicated vans and trucks can ensure that the cargo reaches its destination, no matter the distance from the airport.

Is Expedited Freight Available Outside the U.S.?

Businesses with satellite locations or connections outside the contiguous United States often have occasion to send or receive shipments to other regions. With over 10,000 vehicles ready to go within minutes of an order, ExpeditedFreight.com can arrange for delivery anywhere in the U.S., as well as Canada and Mexico.

ExpeditedFreight.com offers a suite of expedited services for customers in Hawaii, as well. Shipments can move from the contiguous U.S. to Oahu in 24 hours. For clients who need to ship between the islands, Expedited Freight features a convenient, single point-of-contact for the shipment with a 48-hour turnaround.

Why Do Companies Trust ExpeditedFreight.com?

ExpeditedFreight.com understands that many businesses have urgent shipping needs. The service guarantees a better shipment in a more timely manner through a relentless approach to risk management. Traffic patterns, weather and other factors can affect delivery time. Expedited Freight can anticipate many of these problems in advance, to help prevent most of them from happening at all. A commitment to comprehensive service ensures that customers always know the status of a shipment, and they can expect it to arrive according to schedule.

Expedited Freight Company

Expedited Group Sites

ExpeditedFreightCompany.com fulfills multiple vital roles in the realm of expedited service. The most important is the acquisition of thousands of domain names related to the industry. Years of innovation position the company in the perfect place to provide ideal search results concerning logistics in transportation. This creates business opportunities for partners and providers who offer expedited service but need a strong web presence to secure a clientele.

Each business under Expedited Freight Company features its own management and host of services. The right one for you depends on a customer’s shipping needs. Each website features a host of specialty services ranging from emergency freight to full truckload shipping.



Air Freight guarantees satisfaction by offering expedited services to deliver a shipment on time. Customers can choose from a selection of available shipping times, including same day, overnight and next day.

A comprehensive network of vehicles and air cargo services allows the company to offer the most timely options without the wait. Ready to meet the needs of even the most demanding business, Air Freight features customizable shipping solutions. No matter the size or frequency of a client’s shipping expectations, experienced agents can create a plan that works ideally.



When overnight services simply are not quick enough, same day freight is the target. Same Day Delivery focuses on the most urgent freight needs, with same day trucking, air charter and expedited delivery services. Relying on a comprehensive team of transport professionals, Same Day Delivery can manage any size delivery over any distance.

Whether customers have palleted freight ready to go or they need a special vehicle for an outsized shipment, Same Day Delivery can handle the logistics. The company offers services that are infinitely customizable to meet client needs, with attentive customer service and regular updates about each shipment.



Expedited Freight features the quality of expedited service customers expect from a dedicated carrier.

Clients who have an emergency shipment that requires extra care cannot afford for the items to sustain damage in the name of a quick delivery.

Expedited Freight offers 24-hour service, with same day trucking and air cargo providers ready to prepare for transport in minutes. Professionals meet strict standards for quality and experience to ensure that every package arrives on time in expected condition.



Expedited Transportation specializes in express deliveries with a dedicated carrier. A fleet of vehicles allow the company to guarantee shipments of any size and virtually any destination in North America. Expedited Transportation is known for getting a shipment to the destination on the same day or overnight.

The team has years of experience in just-in-time deliveries, helping customers to expertly manage inventory and ensure that each shipment receives precise handling. Logistics services keep any business running smoothly, with professional customer service and tracking tools to confirm everything will arrive on time.



When customers have an urgent freight order, they need a Hot Shot service. Hot Shot Trucking uses a variety of dedicated carriers to ensure that we can meet every client’s delivery needs in a tight time-frame, anywhere in North America. Take advantage of air cargo and air charter services to cover thousands of miles in hours instead of days.

Customers can hire Hot Shot trucks for larger shipments. Hot Shot’s experience in the construction, energy and automotive industries gives the skill and knowledge needed to handle even complicated shipments in a safe and professional manner.



Large shipments deserve as much attention and care as other expedited cargo. Hiring a company committed to handling large or outsized shipments gives businesses access to long haul trucking services without the stress.

As truck brokers, Full Truckload matches each shipment with the truck that can handle the job. Whether customers need weekly shipments or an expedited full truckload, the trucking company can handle each order with care and consideration.

The 24-hour customer service FullTruckload.com offers ensures that customers can talk to an account representative at any time, to schedule a shipment, track one in progress, or find out more about available services.