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When a customer desperately needs products or goods as soon as possible, making him or her wait longer than absolutely necessary can be bad for business.

In fact, there are scenarios in which it can even cost you business.

For example, a shipment might be a few units short or some units may be damaged. Whatever the reason, it’s up to you to ensure your customer gets the items within the shortest possible amount of time. And that’s where overnight services from Expedited Freight come in.

Rely on Our Expertise in Overnight Freight Services

Overnight Freight Services

Although having to ensure a shipment arrives at its destination within 24 hours can seem like an insurmountable obstacle to you, for us, it’s one of the things we do best.

Our overnight services — including next day freight and overnight trucking — are specifically set up to ensure your deliveries get where they need to be — on time and intact.

With our significant expertise, extensive logistics, top of the line vehicles and experienced drivers, we know how to take care of your shipments so you never have to worry about them getting damaged or being delivered late.

Our Promise to You

  • Our overnight services are designed to be safe, fast, convenient and accessible.
  • Safe, because you need guarantees that your products and goods will arrive at their destination in one piece. That’s why our drivers are trained in proper goods handling.
  • Fast, because when time is of the essence, delays are unacceptable.
  • Convenient, because we know you’re too busy to spend hours trying to navigate a carrier’s platform.
  • And accessible, because you don’t have the time to spend searching online to find a trustworthy overnight services provider.

Our Team of Experienced Expeditors

Same Day Carrier Service

We’re confident that our process offers our customers an efficient, pleasurable customer experience. When you contact us, you’ll speak to an agent who will become your single point of contact throughout your entire order — from requesting a quote to determining the best shipping method to scheduling the pickup and even handling the payment. This streamlines the entire process, since whenever you contact us, your agent will be familiar with your case — unlike with other expedited delivery services, where you can waste precious time explaining and recapping your order multiple times.

Your agent will listen to your needs and ensure your shipment can be on its way within hours. This is possible because all of our expeditors are connected to an extensive network of trustworthy ground and air transportation fleet of trucks and planes that are proven to meet our high quality standards. Our network consists of the best trucking companies, freight airlines and charter airlines in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. As a result, your agent can dispatch a van or truck to your location with one single call — as well as charter a plane or make a commercial reservation for your overnight shipment.

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Overnight Trucking and Overnight Planes

Regardless of your location, you can be sure that your shipment will be picked up within hours of your call to us. Depending on the size of your delivery, your agent will send a van or a small, medium or large truck with one or two drivers who will take the shipment all the way to its destination.

Overnight Trucking and Planes

The advantage of two drivers for long distances is that there’s no need for rest stops, which means your shipment will be delivered faster than if there were only one driver. In addition, note that your shipment will be the only one transported, which means its journey will be much faster because the driver or drivers won’t need to stop along the way to pick up other orders.

As an extra service to you, your agent will track the progress of your shipment via our cutting-edge logistics technology. Using satellite tracking, he or she can see exactly where the shipment is at all times and send you timely updates. And in the event you have any concerns or questions, you can always contact your agent.

Overnight Services Via Air Freight

In some cases, ground transport of your shipment will be impossible, either due to the time involved or simply because the distance is too great. But don’t worry — we offer overnight services with air freight that still ensure your delivery arrives at its destination on time.

Overnight Services Air Freight

Within hours of contacting us, a driver will pick up your shipment and deliver it to the nearest airport for overnight transportation on a trusted freight airline. Then when the plane lands, another truck or van will be waiting to pick up the shipment and deliver it to its final destination. Again, your agent will provide you with critical updates on your shipment’s progress so you always know where it is.

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Overnight Services Via Air Charter

If there’s no more room available on a commercial flight, we can provide you with a quote for an air charter plane that will ensure your shipment meets its next day deadline. Your shipment will be picked up by a driver as soon as possible, delivered to the appropriate airport and loaded into the plane, where it will be the only cargo.

Overnight Services Air Charter

Another driver will be waiting to pick up the shipment when the plane lands, insuring it will get to its destination within the next day deadline. And just like with our other overnight services, your agent can track your shipment’s journey and provide you with critical, timely updates.

Same Day Delivery Services

Sometimes, you don’t have 24 hours to get a shipment to its destination. For example, a customer might be late in ordering materials from you or a new client might need a specific part for a project with a tight deadline. In instances like these, our same day delivery services are the best option on the market today.

We know you don’t have the time to worry about whether or not you can meet your customers’ time requirements. That’s why we’ve designed three types of delivery services that take the hassle out of rush orders. 

You can choose from three different types of same day carrier — all of which are dedicated to your shipment only:

  • Same Day Ground Transportation: If your shipment’s destination can be reached by road within the allotted time, you can rely on our vans and trucks. Your agent will help you determine the best type of vehicle based on the size of the shipment and arrange for a driver to pick up the delivery as soon as possible. From that point on, the shipment’s progress will be tracked via our state-of-the-art satellite system so you can inform your customer where it is as needed.
  • Same Day Air Freight: Sometimes ground transportation isn’t possible for a same day delivery, for example if you’re in Boston and your client is in Seattle. Fortunately, thanks to our collaboration with the best airlines, we can often get your shipment on a scheduled commercial flight. In this case, your delivery will be consolidated with other freight. Our agent will send a van or truck to your location to pick up the shipment. The driver will make sure the shipment arrives at the airport on time and is loaded onto the plane safely. Then another van or truck will be waiting to pick the delivery up when the plan lands and transport it to its destination.
  • Same Day Air Charter: Commercial flights aren’t always available at short notice. That’s why we also offer the option of chartering a plane to transport your shipment to its destination. If you select this option, your cargo will be the only freight on the plane. Your agent will send a driver to pick up the cargo and make sure it’s loaded onto the flight safely — plus, he’ll arrange for a van or truck to be there for the plane’s arrival.

Note that for both of the same day air carriers, your agent can provide you with real-time tracking information so you know where your shipment is at all times.

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When Time Is of the Essence, You Can Rely on ExpeditedFreight.com


Time is money — and nowhere is this more true than in business. That’s why you need an overnight carrier you can rely on to get all of your shipments where they need to be, when they need to be there.

With our years of experience, extensive expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and international network of transport providers, Expedited Freight is nothing short of the best overnight carrier in the business.

So if you want top quality transport and the very best customer service, contact us at your earliest convenience. Our agents are standing by to make your next overnight shipping experience the best you can have.

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