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Obstacles & Opportunities: The 5 Greatest Challenges In The Expedited Trucking Industry

By Dan Boaz | Mar 6, 2018

Growing pains are a reality in every industry, and expedited freight is no exception. As the market evolves and public policy changes, trucking companies of all stripes must adapt or risk going out of business. The American Transport Research Institute (ATRI) recently published a report on the challenges that carriers must deal with going forward.

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Tesla, Navista, & Other Automakers Compete To Unveil The Leading Electric Trucks

By Dan Boaz | Jan 5, 2018

Tesla has long billed itself as the leader in advanced and sustainable vehicles. But when it comes to electric trucks, the company is at risk of being upstaged.

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Trucking continues to dominate NAFTA freight movement

By Dan Boaz | Mar 10, 2017

Although the total volume of freight moved between North American Free Trade Partners (NAFTA) declined slightly overall in 2016, trucking continued to dominate the market in overall terms securing the bulk share of freight movements within this arena.

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Federal Highway Administration to allocate nearly $3 billion in funds nationwide

By Dan Boaz | Sep 13, 2016

Our Expedited Freight services are reliant on the nation maintaining and upgrading a strong transportation infrastructure, especially by road as the majority of freight is transported via truck. With that said, it will be regarded as a boon for the sector that the Federal Highway Administration has redistributed some $2.8 billion in unused federal highway aid to the individual states.

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August law mandates commercial truck passengers required to wear seat belts

By Dan Boaz | Jun 7, 2016

In the world of expedited freight delivery services, on-time delivery and safety are both of paramount importance so it's good to see an overdue law being added to the books concerning commercial truck safety. This week it has been confirmed that the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are enacting a law that states that

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Growing demand for expedited freight services sees UPS expand LA/Ontario operations

By Dan Boaz | Apr 14, 2016

In efforts to keep up with the growing demands for expedited freight nationwide, UPS have released plans that will bring jobs and significant growth to their operations at LA/Ontario International Airport. Plans reveal that a five-year project will see a series of expansions at the airport along with the addition of about 500 jobs at the location.

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