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ATA welcomes new transportation bill

By Dan Boaz | Nov 10, 2015

Throughout the trucking industry, this year may be most remembered for the extended wait for a new national transportation bill, a topic that has been high on everyone's agenda for more than twelve months. For expedited freight companies and all nationwide trucking companies, our highway infrastructure provides the platform for success within our industry and the economy as a whole.

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Revised highway funding bill under review soon

By Dan Boaz | Oct 27, 2015

In what will be welcome news throughout the trucking industry and for all those who depend on Expedited Freight it looks like a transportation bill is gradually moving closer to approval in Washington D.C. The House of Representative’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee provisionally approved a revised version of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015 after numerous revisions.

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New investment partnership brings truck platooning one step closer

By Dan Boaz | Sep 4, 2015

Whether truck platooning eventually becomes a realistic and viable cost-saving plan for trucking in the years ahead will be largely dependent upon investment and research by interested partners. A new agreement between Peloton Technology and Lockheed Martin suggests that the concept will certainly see the benefits of further exploration.

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California ports to add appointment systems to improve flow of freight via truck

By Dan Boaz | Sep 1, 2015

In a bid to relieve trucking congestion issues at the always busy Southern California ports, next year will see the introduction of an appointment system to improve processes. The upcoming changes will impact 10 of 13 terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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U.S. manufacturing growth is helping to drive demand for expedited freight services

By Dan Boaz | Aug 19, 2015

If the trucking industry provides a good indicator of the pulse of our economy then the manufacturing sector is either the heart or the lungs and according to the Federal Reserve's industrial production report manufacturing production is growing stronger. The report indicated very encouraging growth of 0.9 percent in June, gains that easily recouped some smaller losses earlier in the year.

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June sees trucking conditions hit peak for 2015 so far

By Dan Boaz | Aug 14, 2015

Encouraging news about the health of the trucking sector emerged this week as the TCI (Trucking Conditions Index) compiled by FTR leaped to a 2015 high point in June. The industry is enjoying a solid year to date and these figures will surely stoke optimism

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