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In the Expedited Freight market, our number one priority is the on time delivery of your urgent freight. With that in mind knowing where to expect the heaviest traffic congestion helps our expeditors provide realistic transit times for each shipment which requires expedited freight services. Therefore the release of the latest list of the most congested highway locations nationwide makes for an interesting and relevant read.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) have released their latest annual study of the top truck freight congestion locations across the United States, officially, titled the '2015 Congestion Impact Analysis of Freight-Significant Highway Locations'. The report measures the overall level of truck-oriented congestion at some 250 locations throughout our national highway network and this analysis results in a congestion impact ranking for each location.

Top of the list for 2015 is Tom Moreland Interchange in Atlanta, GA which is well known for traffic at the always busy intersection of I-285 and I-85. In overall terms, it is again Houston that has the most truck congestion hotspots with no less than four of the top ten locations on the national list. The full top ten list is below and you can access the entire list of the top 100 with supporting data via this link at ATRI

  • ATLANTA, GA: I-285 AT I-85 (NORTH)
  • CHICAGO, IL: I-290 AT I-90/I-94
  • FORT LEE, NJ: I-95 AT SR 4
  • LOUISVILLE, KY: I-65 AT I-64/I-71
  • HOUSTON, TX: I-610 AT US 290
  • HOUSTON, TX: I-10 AT I-45
  • CINCINNATI, OH: I-71 AT I-75
  • HOUSTON, TX: I-45 AT US 59
  • HOUSTON, TX: I-10 AT US 59

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