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It doesn't happen every day, but most businesses have faced situations where they have to get a freight shipment to a desperate client before day's end.

Should you find yourself in this position, you've come to the right place. Expedited Freight has had years of providing same day freight services.

While having reliable vehicles at the ready, and a trusted network of drivers, ready to respond to the call, is crucial for a same day freight company, the key to our making same day deadlines is our team of focused same day freight customer agents practiced at the knack of springing into action as soon as they take your call.

Providing Same Day Freight Services Demands Whatever it Takes

Same Day Freight Services In order to come up with a plan of action, our agent's first step is always to size up the particulars in play.

How Far?

Distance will determine whether she needs to dispatch a vehicle for ground travel, or arrange for air freight services.

How Big?

The weight and dimensions will determine the type of vehicle she needs to dispatch to your facility. If you're shipping crates or pallets, she may send a sprinter van, while large machinery and equipment may require a straight truck, or in some cases, a flat bed truck.

ExpeditedFreight.com has had years of providing same day freight services:

  • Over the years we have built up an extensive network of trained and vetted drivers spread all over the country as well as in Mexico and Canada, so If a truck or van will get the freight to its destination within the same day we will dispatch a truck within a few hours drive to your business. The truck will transport your cargo and only your cargo, so there will be no intermediate stops, eating up precious time, to discharge or pick up other freight. To further make the most of time, and if distance demands, we may send two drivers, so they can spell each other rather than pull over to rest. 
  • If air travel is deemed the only way we can provide same day freight services, the agent will look for space on a commercial air freight flight departing your from your area airport and arriving at an airport close to its destination. If space is available, your freight will be consolidated. If a scheduled flight can't be found, your agent may give you the more expensive option of chartering a plane for a nonstop flight with your freight the only cargo on board. In both cases, your agent will provide a vehicle to deliver your freight to your closest airport, and another to be waiting to pick it up when the flight arrives, to whisk it away to the  anxious recipient
  • And just because all the plans have been put into place doesn't mean your agent's job is over. He or she will remain a phone call away, giving you updates all day until the one you've been waiting for — We made it! It's arrived!

Same Day Freight Demands Staying One Step Ahead

Same Day Freight Being a proven same day freight company demands not merely keeping on top of things, it demands always staying one step ahead of your cargo from the time it leaves your loading dock until it is received at its destination.

Whenever you book any level of urgent freight shipping with us, we use state-of-the-art satellite tracking to monitor its progress.

However, since providing same day freight services demands an extreme level of predictability, we go the extra step, one step ahead of your shipment.

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Same Day Freight Demands the Latest in Technology

Same Day Freight Technology In order to do this, we invest in the latest in logistics technology so our agents can survey the route ahead and identify even potential delays, then formulate an alternate route around them in case they be needed. We also have advanced monitoring equipment that works on planes as well, allowing us to put our finger on your shipment anywhere along the way. Maintaining this level of proactivity is what enables us to deliver on our promise to get your shipment there as promised — on the same day it leaves your facility.

On the rare occasion we cannot negotiate around delays, we will always let you know in advance and give you a revised ETA so you can notify all involved and take whatever steps are necessary to make whatever plans are necessary to minimize the consequences. And if we have good news that your shipment is ahead of schedule we'll tell you so you'll be ready when it arrives.

So when maybe we can get it there is not an option, turn to ExpeditedFreight.com, the same day freight company built on yes we can!