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The American Trucking Association has announced that the newly elected chairman of the organization will be Pat Thomas. Mr. Thomas is the senior vice president of state government affairs with UPS, a position he will retain as he becomes the 71st chairman of the ATA. Thomas is the son of Craig Thomas, the former U.S. Senator who represented Wyoming for twelve years until he passed away in 2007.

The position of ATA Chairman will be held for one year and is a critical role as the oracle for the trucking industry in the country. Key responsibilities include representing the trucking sector in front of Congress any other law making bodies.

Expedited Freight ATAIncidentally Thomas initially worked in the air industry as a pilot for oil service companies early in his career after graduating from college. A downturn in that industry led Thomas to UPS as a seasonal driver back in 1985, leading to a now thirty-year career with the delivery company. Thomas becomes the first ever UPS employee elected as ATA Chairman.

According to this interview in the Casper Star Tribune it's a position he's looking forward to greatly and is fully ready for the demands and challenges it will present over the coming year.

Expedited Freight wishes Mr. Thomas great success in his new role and we'll be ready throughout that year to provide our premier expedited freight services for urgent commercial freight deliveries across the United States and Canada regardless of the size and destination we're ready to help.

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