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If You Need Cargo Picked Up and Delivered on Short Notice You Need A Company That Can Respond on Short Notice. You Need Expedited Freight.

Like life in general, business needs don't go as planned.

A customer calls to say the order that he'd placed to be delivered next week actually needs to get there tomorrow. Your plant operations manager informs you that he just found out that he needs a new batch of refrigerator motors delivered by tomorrow night, or he's going to have to shut down the production line. Yes, it would have been nice if you'd known all this two days ago, but you didn't. Luckily you do know about ExpeditedFreight.com's expedited LTL Services. With Expedited Freight's menu of services, you can always plan on finding a solution to your urgent shipping dilemma.

It's Our Dedicated Team Work that Makes Expedited Freight A Trusted Shipping Company that Will Never Let You Down

Expedited LTL

Expedited Freight can make this promise because of the nationwide network of people that work for us, and for you — from the expeditors who listen to your urgent needs and advise you on the right service that can fill them, and at a price you can afford, to the trained and trustworthy drivers who pick up your cargo and see to it that it's securely positioned in his truck before starting its nonstop journey.

It's a service we've been providing for over a decade, and nothing has changed except the technology. Expedited Freight invests in the latest in satellite navigation services, freight tracking devices, and logistics software, so we can keep an eye on the road ahead and our mind on where your cargo is in the real time here and now.

Whether It's 10 Boxes, 10 Pallets, or 10,000 lbs, Expedited Freight Will Pick it Up in as little as 30 minutes.....

Expedited LTL Shipping

........And our expedited LTL truck drivers will get it to your factory, store, or waiting customer, safe sound, secure, and on time. We can say this with absolute confidence because we have a truck and driver in your neck of the woods, ready, willing, and able to respond to our customer agent's call, no matter what time of day or night it comes in.

That's what comes from having a nationwide network of vetted drivers and trustworthy regularly maintained and inspected trucks at our beck and call — and by extension, at your beck and call — in every state of the continental U.S.A, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and even Canada and Mexico. And thanks to a combination of experience and satellite technology, he'll take the shortest and most direct route possible to get your order where it's desperately needed. And if that route is a long one, a Team of Drivers will pick it up, so they keep the wheels rolling.

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Working to Make Sure Every One of Our Dedicated Expedited LTL Trucks Will Safely and Seamlessly Transport Your Freight

We place our utmost trust in all our skilled and experienced drivers, but we also realize that it's our trucks that get the job down. Since our vehicles are the crux of our business, we pull out all the stops to make sure every carriers truck, trailer, van is worthy of your trust and your valuable goods. No matter where our fleets are located, we regularly dispatch qualified teams of carriers that inspect and proactively perform any maintenance service they may need.

Expedited LTL Trucking

This goes for our logistics technology as well. We make sure that every vehicle is guided by the latest software available, and receives all updates as soon as they become available. Only when a truck has received our maintenance team's seal of approval, will it be allowed back into service.

Not Only will Expedited Freight's Team of Dedicated Expeditors Keep a Light on For You, They'll Never Leave You in the Dark

Expedited LTL Agents

When we say our Customer service agents are dedicated, we mean it in every sense of the word. Each or our agents is fueled by a sense of dedication to getting your cargo picked up and delivered where and when it should be. But they're also dedicated in the sense that that same person who picks up your call at the time of your initial request will stay with you every mile and minute of the way.

What this does away with is the annoying necessity to reinvent the wheel (no pun intended!) any time you call with a question or for an update, which so often is the case with other shipping companies. Your dedicated agent will be able to call up your order in a heartbeat and tell you whatever you want to know. And although it almost never happens, if you have a complaint or concern, he or she will be the one to listen and get to the root of the problem. Mind you, when we say our agents will be dedicated to you and your shipment, that means 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Expedited Freight LTL Trucks Are Dedicated to Your Cargo All the Way

Expedited LTL Cargo

The LTL truck that picks up your shipment will always be empty when it arrives at your facility. That's because your shipment will be the only one it will be carrying. All expedited freight's trucks carry one shipment and one alone, no matter whether it's a ground shipment, overnight, next day or two-day service.

Dedicating each truck to each customer's urgently needed cargo does away with time-consuming stops along the way to pick up or drop off other customers' shipments. This holds true even if our trucker will be only going as far as the airport to drop off your overnight order. Furthermore, he will see to it that it's delivered to the right agent at the right air freight desk.

Expedited Freight's LTL Shipping Agents are Dedicated to Your Shipping Budget as Well as Your Shipping Needs

So you'll never pay for more truck than you need. You have our word that the vehicle that arrives to pick up your shipment will always be just the right size for your goods. It will never be so small the driver has to pack them so tight they can damage each other en route. Nor will it be so big that your boxes rattle around in it. It will be just enough truck for what you're shipping so you'll never pay for wasted space when you ship with Expedited Freight.

Expedited LTL Trucks

This is because your customer service agent is also dedicated to your shipping budget. So while he's listening to your initial call for service, the agent is also taking notes to allow him to determine the best route and service to meet your time restraints. But at the same time, he's calculating how much space your order will take up in one of our trucks, so he can dispatch one appropriate to your needs.

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Expedited Freight Also Offers Expedited LTL / Air Freight Coordination Service

Expedited LTL Air

When distance or urgent need are too great for LTL trucking to get your cargo to its destination in the time needed, our customer service counselors will confer with one of our preferred freight airlines to see if they have a flight traveling the route needed. If so, they can book a space for your cargo. In the event that no flight exists to take it to the airport nearest its destination, or there is no room on one that does service the route, he can arrange to charter an appropriate sized plane.

Of course, in either case, he will first call you to confirm that the arrangement meets your approval and the cost, fits your budget. Once you have given him the go-ahead, the agent will see to it that a truck will arrive at your facility to transport the goods to the airport, and schedule a driver to be at the destination airport, be awaiting its arrival, ready to check its condition, before whisking it away to its eagerly awaiting end user.

Whenever and Wherever you Need to Get It There, Expedited Freight Has a Service that Can Get it There..... And On Time

In our nearly two decades of providing expedited freight services, our urgent freight options have expanded to include the following levels of service.

Our expedited freight services include:

  • Scheduled air freight
  • Air Charter
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Overnight Delivery
  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Just-in-Time Delivery

So the next time a situation arises when you need expedited LTL shipping or any of the above services, give one of our dedicated customer service agents a call and let us take on the responsibility. And when you see how we operate, it won't be the last time you let us serve you.

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