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Expedited Freight - The On-Demand Priority Freight Shipper in an Age of On Demand Services

Expedited Freight is right at home in this streaming age when films, news, music, and documentary are all available on an on-demand basis.

In fact, we're ahead of the game since we've been providing priority freight pick up and delivery service on-demand for over ten years. Over that time span, expedited freight has earned the reputation of being the company known for being able to get it from here to there, here and now, no matter what it may be, and where it's going and on demand

Expedited Freight Services, Known Sector-Wide as the Real Time Go-to Priority Freight Shipper

Priority Freight Shipping Whether it's a communication company that needs fragile computer components delivered overnight to restore or update critical services, or a fuel sector exploration company that needs bulky unwieldy drilling equipment critical to their gas or oil extraction operations, Expedited Freight has come through time and again to save the day.

We have a history in coming through when companies from every sector and industry need on demand shipping even if it involves delivering priority freight service to sites in remote and mountainous areas of the country.

They all know that Expedited Freight has the equipment and vehicles best equipped to protect their valuable goods every mile of the journey.

A Wide Variety of Expedited Freight Transportation Equipment to Serve a Wide Variety of Shipping Demands

In order to serve on demand shipping needs of all the varied industries that rely on our rapid deliveries, Expedited Freight has become adept at making sure our dedicated customer shipping agents have access to trucks capable of transporting priority freight of all sizes, and shapes, no matter what their weight or dimensions may be.

Priority Freight Trucks

To that end, you can expect any of the following premium truck types fitted with the appropriate equipment to arrive within hours of your contacting us.

Priority Freight Cargo Vans and Sprinter Vans

  • 48-in wide cargo bed
  • 4-ft minimum long cargo bed
  • 2,000 to 3,000 lb payload cargo capacity
  • 2- to 3-pallet capacity

Priority Freight Straight Trucks

  • 12 to 24 foot interior length
  • 88-inch to 102-inch interior open door height clearance
  • Cargo payload capacity of up to 12,500 lbs
  • Dock-high rear floor available if needed

Priority Freight Truckload

  • Cargo Payload capacity of up to 44,000 lbs
  • 102-inch width by 110-inch rear door opening
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Expedited Freight Provides Dedicated Priority Freight Customer Care From Start to Finish

Priority Freight Customer Service When you ship with Expedited Freight you can expect that both you and your freight will receive only the best of care from start to finish, and every mile and minute in between. This begins the moment one of our knowledgeable Expedited Freight Agents picks up your call. From that moment on, he or she will remain dedicated to you and your shipment.

You will not have to re-explain yourself time after time each time you call for more questions or updates because, although all our agents are equally qualified, he or she will be the only one you will be speaking to.

Since attention to detail is part of providing priority freight shipping, the agent will be making note of what you will be shipping, where, and when, as well as any deadlines you have to meet. Armed with this information, he or she will, as you speak already be considering what type of truck or plane will be needed to accommodate your cargo's weight and dimensions, as well as the quickest route it should travel in keeping with your time constraints.

As soon as you give the okay to the type of service she recommends, and the costs she estimates, she will be in contact with a driver appropriate for the job. Within hours of concluding your conversation, you can expect the driver and his truck to show up at your facility.

Priority Freight Service Delivered by a Nationwide Network of Dedicated Trucks and Drivers

Over the course of more than a decade of providing dedicated shipping we have forged relationships with safe experienced drivers in every state in the country (including Alaska and Hawaii), as well as Canada and Mexico. All have been chosen for their exemplary driving records and driving skills.

Priority Freight Service

So no matter where your facility is located or where you need a shipment to be delivered, we have a dedicated driver at our beck and call. And when we say dedicated, again we mean not only will the driver who picks up your priority freight remain with it from the point of pickup until the time it is delivered, but that his truck will be dedicated to your cargo and yours alone.

The truck will arrive empty, and he won't be picking up any other customers' goods besides yours. This insures the safety of your shipment plus it does away with any time-consuming intermediate stops to pick up and deliver other shippers' freight. And since time is of the essence, if your shipment involves a long distance, there will be a second driver so the two can spell each other, making for a continuous ride without a need for prolonged rest stops.

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Making Use of Technology to Shine a Light on Your Priority Freight

Priority Freight Technology All this dedication adds up to a quality shipping solution for companies of all sizes, no matter where they're located or where their shipment is going. That's because over the years we have forged relationships with vetted and trained drivers all over the country, as well as Mexico and Canada and established connections with several freight airlines.

This means everyone we deal with knows our dedication to safe and speedy transportation. And best of all, no matter what time of day or night you discover you have an urgent need to get an order from here to there, no matter where there may be, one of our agents will answer your call. And that's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Scheduled Priority Air Freight for Those Circumstances When A Truck Won't Do

Priority Air Cargo From time to time, an order will come in from a customer who needs an order delivered overnight but whose location is beyond the capacity of a ground transport to get it there in that time. At other times perhaps it's a plant manager who needs a piece of replacement equipment to keep the production line moving, and he needs it today. In both these cases, your customer agent will suggest air freight.

And because we have selected airlines whom we regularly use in such situations, she will call to check on availability on one of their scheduled flights to an airport close to your customer's facility. And if one is available, she will get a cost estimate. Once she has apprised you of the cost and you've given her your ok she will arrange for one of our trucks to come pick up the shipment, transport it to the airport and see to it that it gets to the right airline. But that's only half of it. She will also arrange for another one of our dedicated truckers to be waiting at the destination airport to receive it and deliver it to the party awaiting it at its destination.

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Air Charter for Those Circumstances when Even a Scheduled Air Freight Flight Can't Be Found

Priority Air Charter If it seems to you that Expedited Freight Customer agents always have another plan lined up it's because they do. Years of experience have a way of providing them with a lot of options. So if our agent cannot find a place on a scheduled freight flight, or the airport involved is a remote one which few airlines serve, Expedited Freight also has connections to charter airlines, any which she can call to arrange for a plane to deliver your shipment.

And just as we only provide dedicated trucks, any charter plane we provide will have but one payload aboard — your shipment. If the cost involved meets your approval, she will arrange for a driver and truck to pick it up, deliver it to the airline's terminal and likewise have a truck and driver to pick it up upon arrival at the home base airport, take it on the final leg of its journey.

Expedited Freight Has A Solution to Meet Your Every Shipping Need

Priority Freight is but one of the services Expedited Freight provides. So please keep Expedited Freight in mind next time an urgent shipping challenge arises. Talk to one of our dedicated customer service agents who can offer you your choice of options. 

In addition to dedicated trucking, scheduled air freight, and air charter, we also provide:

  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Overnight Shipping
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Expedited Truckload

And remember, whenever the need for urgent shipping arises, don't hesitate to call us on the spot. Our agents are here for you around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And if that's not dedication, what is?

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