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Getting an engine cross-country to a customer sitting on a stalled well drilling job till it gets there may seem like a nearly insurmountable obstacle to you since he needs it tomorrow.

But for the focused and experienced air cargo services agents at ExpeditedFreight.com, it's the type of challenge they meet and conquer every day.

When you call Expedited Freight with your time critical shipment, all you need do is tell the agent who takes your call the who, what, and when details, of your time-critical shipment challenge, and within moments of hanging up, he or she will set things in motion. No matter where it's going, thanks to its dedicated network of vetted drives spread throughout all 50 states, Canada and Mexico and the connections its forged over the years with several air cargo companies, Expedited Freight can get it there. But that's hardly the end of the road for him. He will take the task on as his own, keeping track of it, using out state-of-the art logistics technology, right up to the moment it arrives at your customer's door.

What You Can Expect when You Make ExpeditedFreight.com Your Air Cargo Company

Air Cargo CompanyPrompt Ground Transport Response

Within a few hours of your call to us, one of our trucks will pull up to your loading dock and drive your cargo to an airport close to you. In the interest of time, your shipment will be the only cargo on board, doing away with time-consuming stops to pick up or discharge other cargo. The reason we are able to locate and dispatch a driver so promptly is because, over our decade of providing both ground and air cargo services, we have forged relationships with vetted groups of trucking companies scattered over the country. So, no matter where you are, there's bound to be one in the vicinity of your locale.

Timely Transfer to Air Transport

It makes no difference whether your cargo is large, small, or oversize, your dedicated agent will get to work, locating a space for it on a scheduled air freight flight flying as close to your customer's area as possible. Again, we can do this because we've been partnering with airlines all over the country to consolidate customers' freight for over ten years. Should it happen that there are no planes serving that location, your agent will give you the option of chartering a plane which will be dedicated to your freight alone and fly it directly to the airport serving your customer's area.

Prompt Pickup

As soon as the plane arrives, your agent will have arranged for a driver, again from one of our regional trucking networks, waiting to retrieve your air cargo as soon as it arrives, so he can whisk it to your customer's receiving area. As always when you ship with ExpeditedFreight.com, the truck will be dedicated solely to your shipment and will make no stops along the way.

Peace of Mind

But just as important, from the standpoint of your anxious mind, your dedicated agent will stay in contact with you from the moment your air cargo leaves your sight, informing you of each update. And should you have any questions, he will be the agent you ask so, there's no need to reinvent the wheel each time you call.

Experience Counts

Air Cargo Experience In the world of logistics, there is no faster way than air cargo to ensure your time-critical order gets to its distant location.

However, not every air cargo company has the experience or the connections that ExpeditedFreight.com has accrued in its decade of providing critical air cargo services to businesses like yours all over the country.

So the next you find yourself tasked what seems like an impossible time-critical shipment, trust us, the full service logistics company with the dedicated air cargo agents who have seen it all, done it all, and often, with time to spare.

Air Cargo Services
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