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Deliveries On Your Deadline: Expedited Freight Services From AmericanShippingCompany.com

With swift ground shipping solutions, you can deliver your goods on even the toughest of deadlines.

AmericanShippingCompany.com is committed to keeping all logistical problems to a minimum. As an expedited freight company with a focus on ground services, we can deliver your items by the next day, overnight, or even on the same day, depending on your needs and budget. We make safety our top priority, and have extensive experience handling delicate and perishable items. Whether you’re bringing in supplies or sending out finished goods, trust us to complete the delivery on schedule.

American Shipping Services from an Experienced Ground Carrier

American Shipping Services Ground deliveries may seem like the simplest aspect of modern logistics, but as is often the case in business, the truth is more complex than meets the eye.Delivering your goods by road on time is hard enough, especially if you’re shipping through locations that are subject to heavy traffic. But even if you can plot a swift and reliable route to your destination, it will all be meaningless unless you also keep your cargo safe while it is on the road. Bumps, lurches, and sudden changes in speed can destroy the items you’re carrying, unless you have safe storage equipment suited to those specific items.

AmericanShippingCompany.com carries just such safe storage equipment, and knows exactly how to use it for any particular delivery. As an American shipping firm with experience supplying hundreds of businesses from dozens of distinct fields, we know exactly how to handle every variety of delicate or perishable product. This means that we will be able to load your items with the necessary storage equipment to prevent them from breaking en route. Combined with our team of responsible drivers and commitment to following traffic laws, you can be confident that we will achieve a safe, successful delivery.

Raising the Standards for American Shipping Companies

In addition to safety, AmericanShippingCompany.com offers:

  • Consistent contact with our centralized customer support team, who can give you updates or offer you quotes at any moment
  • Access to a network of route planners, drivers, and critical freight experts, all of whom are highly experienced
  • A tiered cost structure that lets you start by finding the price that suits you and then work from there
  • Coverage across all major US and Canadian cities, letting you ship into or out of any location

Planning & Tracking for Each Delivery

In order to get your goods to you on your next-day or same-day deadline without sacrificing our commitment to safety, we plan every route in detail. This allows us to select the quickest path from your starting point to your destination, taking into account not just distance, but likely traffic, road quality, and other factors. We then use advanced tracking to monitor your delivery vehicle while it is on its way and guide it around likely delays. On the rare occasion that one of our vehicles breaks down, we will know its position and will quickly dispatch a replacement truck.

American Shipping Company

For more information on ground services to fit your schedule, contact AmericanShippingCompany.com today at (704) 660-9000.