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Dedicated carrier services are not for routine everyday shipping.

They're for those times when a deal or lucrative sale depends on getting a shipment from your facility to a client or customer when the stakes are high and delay would prove devastating to their business, or yours.

When it comes to dedicated carrier services, ExpeditedFreight.com hits the road running. As soon as one of our incredible dedicated carrier agents takes your call, he or she is already sifting through our nationwide network of professional drivers in order to see who is closest to your facility, and whether they have the appropriate sized vehicle to handle your load. Once found, you can expect the driver to show up at your loading dock in a few hours.

And once loaded, there comes the calming certainty of knowing your time-critical shipment is on its way, with no intermediate stops to take it off its carefully charted route. The next stop will be to unload it your destination's receiving area. But then, that's what dedicated carrier services are all about, isn't it. However, not every shipper can say it's a dedicated carrier company.

The Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Carrier Company

Dedicated Carrier Company A dedicated carrier company carries but one customer's freight per truck. Doing this:

  • Erases the possibility of scratches or dents resulting from over-crowding or poor loading practices.
  • Means your cargo will not get lost or left behind during cross-docking or freight transfers.
  • Speeds up the journey, since the truck will not be making stops at other locales along the way.

The Benefits of Working with ExpeditedFreight.com

Dedicated Carrier Freight

Dedicated Customer Agents

Expedited Freight not only offers dedicated trucking, it offers dedicated customer service agents. What this means is that the agent who takes your initial call becomes your champion, there for you until that moment your customer at the other end of the journey signs off on the delivery receipt. Our agents have had years of experience dealing with cases, like yours, where a client is in desperate need of equipment, supplies, or parts, so springing into action has become second nature for them. But that's just the start, your dedicated agent will be the one to answer all the questions you may have along that way, send you updates, and give you a heads-up when it's nearly at its destination, so you can let your customer know his wait will soon be over. And when all is said and done, he or she will even be the one to issue your invoice.

A Multinational Network of Vetted Drivers

Over the course of a decade-plus of providing dedicated trucking, Expedited Freight has built up connections to thousands of carriers all over the country. As a result, no matter where you are, with very few exceptions, we have a driver who can be at your location withing a few hours or so. At present, we have nearly 10,000 trained, experienced drivers our agents can dispatch anywhere, anytime — 24/7/365 — Canada and Mexico, included.

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Limitless Dedicated Carrier Services

Dedicated Carrier Services When you ship with ExpeditedFreight.com, there is no limit to the size of your shipment. No matter how big or how small, we have just the right-sized vehicle for it.

Our sprinter vans are available for smaller shipments from one small carton, all the way up to multi-crate or palletized shipments weighing up to 3,000 lbs.

For larger freight we have straight trucks with load capacities of up to 12,500 lbs and, should that not be enough, we can dispatch tractor trailers with payload capacities of 44,000 lbs.

And Wait, There's More

Dedicated Carrier Services Do you need expedited freight service for distances too great to meet your deadline by truck?

Ask your dedicated Expeditedfreight.com customer about our air freight services offering dedicated carrier charters or scheduled consolidated freight airline flights.

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