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What if there was a shipping company who told you that they dispatch one truck per customer to transport their cargo nonstop to its destination?

Would you believe them? Well countless customers believe us when we tell them precisely that.

Through experience, they know that Expedited Freight.com is a dedicated logistics company that provides dedicated trucking whether it's driving their cargo nonstop to its final destination, or delivering it to, or picking it up from, the airport. No matter what you're shipping, when, where, and whatever deadline you have to meet, Expedited Freight.com has a dedicated freight option to get it there.

Dedicated Ground Service

Our Dedicated Ground Service uses a nationwide network of safe trained drivers with experience in whatever type of truck your cargo requires — from sprinter vans and straight trucks to flat beds, 53-foot tractor trailers, and refrigerated trucks. What sets us apart from other shippers is we send one truck per customer dedicated to solo travel, meaning no time will be wasted stopping for additional pickups or deliveries.

Dedicated Logistics

Dedicated Air Freight Service

Dedicated Air Freight Service Our Dedicated Air Freight Service is for when either the distance involved precludes a truck getting it to its destination within the timeframe you specify, or your customer has an urgent need for it. When you explain your situation to your customer agent, she will explain your options and help you choose the best aircraft and service level to suit your freight's particular requirements.

Then she will dispatch a truck dedicated to carry your cargo to the airport where it will be consolidated with that of other clients who use the airline we have chosen to transport it. And at the other end, one of our network of dedicated trucks will be there to take it to its final destination.

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Dedicated Air Charter Service

Dedicated Air Charter Service Our Dedicated Air Charter Service is for the rare times when either the next scheduled air flight won't get your urgent cargo to its destination airport in time to satisfy your customer's need; or if none of our partner airlines services an airport in a remote location. In cases like these, your customer service agent will immediately research charter carriers for one that fits your budget.

All you have to do is okay the cost, and no matter what the time, one of our dedicated truckers will be at your loading dock to deliver your time-critical shipment to the airport, and another will be awaiting the plane when it arrives at the destination airport to whisk it to its anxious recipient.

Even Our Customer Agents are Dedicated

Dedicated Logistics Agents When you're already stressed out about getting an emergency order delivered to a frantic customer, the last thing you need is to have to explain it to a series of customer agents; one agent when you book the flight, another agent when you call for an update, and yet another should you have any follow-up questions. When you ship with Expedited Freight.com, this will never happen. That's because the agent who takes your first call will be the same one who calls you with any updates. Notice we said she calls you, not the other way around. This is because our agents are dedicated to seeing each shipment through to the end. Not only that, but in the middle as well. Thanks to our state-of-the-art monitoring software and satellite tracking technology she will not only be able to tell you where the cargo is at any given time, but can look ahead to forewarn you about potential road delays or airport backups.

And when we say our agents are dedicated, that includes your budget. Whether she dispatches a truck or chartered plane, she will match it to your cargo's dimensions, and never book more vehicle than you need.

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Quality Shipping When You Need it

Dedicated Logistics Service All this dedication adds up to a quality shipping solution for companies of all sizes, no matter where they're located or where their shipment is going. That's because over the years we have forged relationships with vetted and trained drivers all over the country, as well as Mexico and Canada and established connections with several freight airlines.

This means everyone we deal with knows our dedication to safe and speedy transportation. And best of all, no matter what time of day or night you discover you have an urgent need to get an order from here to there, no matter where there may be, one of our agents will answer your call. And that's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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