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Expedited Excellence: Rapid Freight Services To Meet Any Deadline

When your shipment is too important to wait, count on ExpeditedFreight.com to get it there with time to spare.

From filling in for scheduled deliveries to addressing sudden changes in shipping needs, ExpeditedFreight.com can help you out of any freight jam. By combining air charter services with expedited trucking, we have the resources and expertise to complete every leg of your shipping journey. Combined with our detailed tracking and consistent communications, you can be confident that your orders will arrive on time and in good condition.

Why Your Company Needs Expedited Air Freight Services

Expedited Air Freight No company can succeed without backup plans for all its essential operations, and few functions are more critical than shipping. If you are suddenly unable to obtain your standard supplies or need new products from different locations, the rest of your business may grind to a halt while you sort out your changed delivery needs.

Expedited air freight lets you quickly resume doing business, saving you from the many costs of idle equipment and dissatisfied customers. As an expedited air freight company, ExpeditedFreight.com knows all of the airlines in the area, what planes they have available, and which kinds of cargo they carry. As soon as you need a shipment, we can get you an expedited air charter that will carry your goods alone from start to finish. Thus even with the tightest deadlines, we will be able to complete your shipment on or ahead of schedule, allowing your business to move forward.

An Array of Expedited Freight Services

  • A team with a long history of providing critical freight, as well as the training to handle any crisis
  • A convenient source of information on the location and condition of your order at any point during the delivery
  • The ability to switch between scheduled and chartered air services, depending on your needs and budget
  • Extensive experience handling a wide range of goods, including those with specialized storage needs
  • Services tiered by price so that you’ll have no trouble meeting your budget
  • A rapid logistics network that extends throughout North America

Fusing Ground & Air Transport to Ensure Rapid Deliveries

Although we advertise ourselves as an expedited air freight company, ExpeditedFreight.com is every bit as experienced with ground transportation. We maintain a fleet of sprinter vans, straight trucks, and tractor trailers that can carry your goods quickly while keeping them in good condition. With this fleet, we can move your order to and from the airport, minimizing wait time at every point of the journey. There is no need for you to organize trucking separately and little risk that your goods will be idle.

Besides organizing ground and air transportation, ExpeditedFreight.com also tracks your goods along their route. This lets us offer you updates whenever you need them, and it means that if something goes wrong, we can take quick action to avoid delays. Weather, airport crowding, and other obstacles stand little chance of derailing your shipment.

Expedited Air Freight Services

For more information on expedited air freight, visit ExpeditedFreight.com or call (800) 704-0828 today.