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It doesn't happen every day, but if this morning you arrive at work, only to find you've been given the responsibility of satisfying a key customer's urgent need for replacement equipment to keep his operation running, congratulations — you have a challenge.

And if that piece of equipment is large and cumbersome, your challenge has taken a quantum leap in difficulty.

But wait, there's more. He needs it by tomorrow morning!

Rather than wishing you'd called in sick, do what logistics professionals in other sectors and industries do when they have urgent expedited cargo needs, call Expedited Freight.

Expedited Freight and Our Expedited Cargo Customers Share the Same Goal: An On Time Delivery

Expedited Cargo Everyone at Expedited Freight understands the critical role they are playing in keeping the wheels rolling for companies in many sectors and industries. From the dedicated customer care agents whom customers first encounter when inquiring about our shipping services, to the drivers who assume responsibility for transporting expedited cargo across the state or the country, or into Mexico or Canada.

Every member of the dedicated customer team is well aware of customer's sometimes dueling concerns — that their expedited cargo be delivered in as little time as possible, but that its cost not drain their shipping budgets. This is why an agent will not only lay out the best options for an on time delivery but will also apprise you of what each level of delivery will cost.

Expedited Freight Recognizes that Expedited Cargo Needs Don't Keep a Nine to Five Schedule

Expedited Cargo Service Wouldn't it be nice if when five o'clock rolls around, utility company logistics managers or those overseeing oil drilling sites could say, "I'll just go home and deal with our need for a critical part in the morning." But that's not how any business that wants to stay in business deals with urgent freight demands. They batten down the hatches until they find a way to get their urgent cargo on its way as quickly as humanly possible.

That's why, when you turn to Expedited Freight, you'll always get a human voice that answers your, and right away — no matter what the time of day, or night as so often is the case. And since we understand that expedited cargo needs don't observe holidays or take vacations, Expedited freight has a team of dedicated customer service agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. And that applies to the availability of our dedicated drivers as well.

The only thing that rivals Expedited Freight's reputation for on time expedited cargo deliveries is our reputation for rapid driver pick up responses:

  • Those who have relied on Expedited Freight to serve them in emergency shipping crises often marvel at how quickly a driver shows up at their door, usually within hours after they place the call — even those whose utility plants or drilling sites lie far off the beaten path. We are able to do this because all our customer care agents are skilled at multi-tasking.
  • While your dedicated agent is jotting down the details of your expedited cargo shipment, such as its weight, dimensions, where it needs to go, and when it has to arrive, she, or he, as the case may be, is also considering the best route for it to take, the size and type of truck it will require, and taking inventory of just which of our network of drivers is in your vicinity, and has access to an appropriate truck.
  • If you're wondering how they're able to find trucks and drivers who can respond so quickly. It's because, in over the course of a decade of providing expedited cargo on time deliveries, Expedited Freight has built a nationwide network of dedicated drivers with exemplary driving records and well-maintained trucks. This means no matter where a company awaiting a pick up is located, Expedited Freight has a driver within hours of them, even if they're in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico.
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Dedicated Customer Service Agents, as Expedited Freight Sees Them

Dedicated Customer Service Agents When Expedited Freight says you will have a dedicated customer care agent helping you, it means that agent will be the only one with whom you deal. Furthermore, he will be overseeing the journey of your expedited cargo from start to finish. Not only will he determine the cost ahead of time and, if the cost meets your approval, dispatch a truck and driver, he will monitor its progress as it makes its way to its intended destination. Since he will assume solo responsibility for dispensing information about your shipment, he will make it his business to keep abreast of it.

So, if you've ever experienced the annoying frustration of having to reexplain who you are, what you're shipping, where it's going, or rattle off a long case number, you'll appreciate the difference when you ship with Expedited Freight. All you have to do is identify yourself, and your dedicated customer agent will tell you everything you want to know.

Furthermore, if in the unlikely occasion that your cargo will be delayed, he will act proactively to notify you. He'll also deliver the welcome news that your cargo has arrived safe and sound.

Expedited Freight Dedicated Trucks and Drivers

Likewise, when we say you will have a dedicated truck to transport your expedited cargo, we mean it will arrive at your facility swept clean and empty. And in the case of pallets and large equipment, the truck will be equipped with the proper loading equipment. Furthermore, it will be just the size your shipment needs. Since your customer service agent has your budget in mind, as well as the environment, he will never send more truck than you need or one that uses more fuel than is necessary.

Expedited Freight Dedicated Trucks and Drivers

Once the dedicated driver has loaded your cargo, he will have nothing else to load. Your cargo will have the truck to itself. This not only removes a source of possible damage, it eliminates deadine-eating stops to pick up or deliver other customer's goods. We also make the most of time by dispatching two-person driver teams in the case of distance hauls, so they can spell each other, doing away with the need for long rest stops.

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Logistics Technology Ties It All Together

Logistics TechnologyExpedited Freight has invested in satellite tracking equipment and the latest in logistics software so customer agents and drivers can keep their eyes on the route your expedited cargo will be taking.

Should they detect traffic jams, road crews, or anything else that might impede the flow of traffic, they will take an alternative route to circumvent it.

And if delivering your expedited cargo in time to meet your deadline involves air travel, the state-of-the-art logistics software we use enables us to monitor it from pick up, to take off, to landing, to delivery. In other words, every mile of the journey.

Expedited Freight Has Scheduled Air Line Connections if Needed

Expedited Cargo AirExpedited freight has also, over the years, developed working relationship with several airlines that carry freight. So if the distance your shipment must travel is too far to travel by truck and meet your deadline, your expedited cargo agent will recommend that the shipment travel on a scheduled flight.

She will contact the airline and make sure it has a flight going to an airport close to its destination, as well as adequate space to accommodate it. If so, she will first run through the cost with you and, if it meets your approval, book a flight and dispatch a driver to take your cargo to the airport and make sure it is delivered to the correct airline and ground crew.

And since our job is never done until the shipment meets its authorized recipient, she will also arrange for a driver to meet the plane on its arrival, and transport your cargo to its destination and release it to the appropriate person.

Expedited Freight air charter to reach more difficult destinations

  • Sometimes expedited cargo is going to remote locations not served by any of our partner airlines; or if they do, either no space is available on a flight that can make your deadline. In these cases, your agent will turn to one of the charter companies with whom we do business. As is the case with truck travel, she will strive to match your shipment size and speed requirements with the most appropriate aircraft in order to reduce your expense and avoid excessive fuel consumption.
  • After first issuing a detailed quote, and getting your go-ahead, she will charter the plane, see to it that your expedited cargo is transported to the airport by one of our drivers, and have it picked up and delivered "the final mile" to its destination.
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The Expedited Freight Advantage

Of all the freight expediters you might consult, we feel confident in saying none will exceed Expedited Freight's level of personalized service or the variety of customized delivery modes we offer.

Expedited Freight Advantage

So rather than wasting precious time calling around for quotes the next time you're faced with an impossible deadline to meet, call ExpeditedFreight.com first and let one of our expedited freight agents handle everything for you. We guarantee you won't be calling anyone else

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