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Cross-Continent Carriers: Offering Flexibility & Efficiency Through Expedited Freight

An expert emergency freight carrier with the training and technology to complete the most complex orders quickly and affordably.

ExpeditedCarrier.com offers companies of all sizes the ability to meet any shipping goals with ease. We invest in the most advanced vehicles and experienced staff, and offer the full benefits of our expertise to each customer, no matter the size of their order. With us on your side, your business will never have trouble bringing in or sending out essential items on time.

What Makes Expedited Carrier Services Essential?

Expedited Carrier Flexibility is part and parcel of a successful business, and no function needs to be more flexible than transportation. If your scheduled services fall through or can’t meet some new need, you could waste valuable time, money, and customer patience fixing the problem. Leave yourself vulnerable to this sort of crisis and you risk going bankrupt just meeting ordinary business needs.

Emergency freight carriers exist to shore up this vulnerability, allowing businesses to respond quickly and flexibly to any shipping crisis. By providing a range of different vehicles in convenient locations that are ready to leave at a moment’s notice, they make it easy to arrange new shipping if your original plans fall through. As North America’s leading expedited freight service, ExpeditedCarrier.com offers next day, overnight, and same day shipping at a moment’s notice. We have a range of different shipping vehicles, allowing you to select one that closely matches your cargo and safety needs.

How ExpeditedCarrier.com Leads the Industry

  • Selecting a team of critical freight experts with backgrounds meeting shipping needs for a wide array of industries
  • Offering a centralized source of information on all current and future shipping services
  • Fusing ground and air shipping when necessary for your order
  • Planning ahead of time for obstacles to make sure they do not cause delays
  • Maintaining 11,000 vehicles in key locations throughout the USA and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Providing multiple pricing tiers so that you can choose a service that meets your budget

Investing in Drivers, Vehicles, & Overall Excellence

Expedited carrier services are only as good as their drivers, which is why ExpeditedCarrier.com puts only the most qualified operators in charge of your orders. We subject each job applicant to an extensive background check, and make sure they have the training to handle critical shipping. We also assign two drivers to all deliveries that have to cross long distances, enhancing safety while allowing the vehicles to stay on the road longer.

Besides drivers, we also invest in the quality of our vehicles. Our fleet includes cargo vans, straight trucks, and tractor trailers, each suited for orders of different sizes; we match your cargo to the vehicle that will be able to carry it most efficiently. We keep our vehicles in good condition through regular repairs and upgrades, and use satellite tracking to monitor your shipment en route.

Expedited Carrier Vehicles

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to shipping emergencies. For more information on expedited freight, contact us today.