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Fast Freight: Expedited Carrier Services For Same Day & Overnight Orders

Rapid, reliable trucking from an expedited freight carrier with experience serving every industry.

Secure your shipments with an expedited carrier you can trust. ExpeditedCarriers.com has more than a decade of experience handling critical supplies and products from a wide range of different businesses. We invest in quality trucking, hire highly trained drivers, and provide round-the-clock customer service. As an ExpeditedCarriers.com customer, you can be confident that your deliveries will be safe, timely, and affordable.

Why Every Industry Needs Expedited Carriers

Expedited Carriers From solar fields to manufacturers to construction companies to retailers, every company needs quick, reliable deliveries. Not only do you need to ship in supplies regularly enough to keep production running smoothly, but regardless of who your clients are, they will want their orders in a timely fashion.

An expedited freight carrier ensures that you can bring in supplies and send out finished products on or ahead of schedule. Expedited carriers maintain large fleets of rapid trucks and vans, ideally in many different locations. This allows them to dispatch a vehicle at a moment’s notice, reaching your destination overnight or the next day. At ExpeditedCarriers.com, we have vehicles stationed across the United States and Canada, with payload capacities anywhere from 2,000 pounds to 44,000 pounds. We are thus well equipped to provide timely ground transport whenever you need it.

Quality Service from ExpeditedCarriers.com

ExpeditedCarriers.com constantly strives for improvement, raising the standard of our service with regularity. 

  • Maintaining a highly qualified team of critical freight experts who are prepared for each industry’s unique needs
  • Giving our customers a single point of communication where they can obtain freight quotes, delivery updates, and other critical information
  • Fusing ground transport service with scheduled and chartered air freight to cover large distances quickly
  • Stationing trucks and vans in cities from Honolulu to Anchorage to Toronto to Miami
  • Offering tiered prices so that customers have no issue selecting a service they can afford
  • Applying and building on our experience to uncover the best way to handle your freight

Diligent Drivers & Valuable Vehicles

Drivers don’t just fill our labor needs; they represent our company, which is why we only hire people we can be proud to work with. All prospective employees must complete a comprehensive background examination, show good conduct, and possess the necessary training to handle your orders. We require our drivers to work in teams of two for all but the shortest deliveries, ensuring that both operators get a chance to rest even as they remain on the road night and day. All of this contributes to our goal of giving you quick, safe, courteous service.

Drivers are only as good as the equipment they have to work with, which is why we invest in regular maintenance for all our vehicles. By repairing damages and taking advantage of new technology, we keep speed high and fuel use low. This also lowers the rate of road accidents, further contributing to the safety of our services.

Expedited Carriers Vehicles

For more information on quality service from an expedited carrier company, call or visit our website today.