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Freight On The Fly: Specialized Shipping For Your Unique Company

Fast, efficient trucks and vans to deliver your shipment on time no matter your needs.

Don’t trust your critical shipments to just any carrier. ExpeditedDeliveryCompany.com will find a truck or van suited to carry your particular goods. Between matching order volume to payload size, installing the right storage equipment, and choosing a driver with the skills to handle your items safely, we make sure that your goods reach their destination on time and at an affordable rate.

Expedited Freight to Meet Your Firm’s Unique Needs

Expedited Delivery Company For all their advantages, standard trucking companies are too, well, standard. They work fine for transporting ordinary items at regular intervals. But when you have shipping needs unique to your company, they fall short, especially if your delivery must be made quickly. Say you require a part with specific storage requirements or you have a customer that is willing to pay extra if you can deliver your products on an unusually short timetable. Standard trucking will often struggle to accommodate these situations, preferring instead to serve more "ordinary" clients.

Where standard trucking fails, expedited freight excels. Expedited delivery companies have large fleets of trucks and vans at the ready to handle your unique orders. No matter how difficult the circumstances are, they should possess a wide enough variety of vehicles and a staff with the necessary training to handle them. As an expedited delivery company, ExpeditedDeliveryCompany.com is no stranger to unique circumstances, and has no trouble making sure your needs are met.

Upholding the Highest Standards for Expedited Freight

ExpeditedDeliveryCompany.com is committed to meeting your unique needs safely, effectively, and affordably.

  • Track your orders carefully and provide a centralized source of information on their location
  • Have assembled an experienced team of drivers and other specialists who can take proper care of your shipments
  • Keep vehicles in key locations throughout the US and Canada so we can load your order at a moment’s notice
  • Offer door-to-door service that completes every stage in the delivery process

The Trucks & Drivers for Safety and Success

Expedited Trucks and DriversExpeditedDeliveryCompany.com strives to provide service at the same high quality levels and affordable prices, no matter the size of your order. We thus maintain multiple different types of vehicles in our fleet, including:

  • Sprinter vans that hold between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds
  • Straight trucks with a carrying capacity that is anywhere from 4,000 to 12,500 pounds
  • Tractor trailers that can carry as much as 44,000 pounds

Besides having a variety of carrying capacities, our vehicles are also highly adaptable. We can load all storage equipment required for your specific goods, allowing us to transport them safely over any distance. To further enhance safety as well as speed, we assign teams of two drivers to each vehicle, ensuring that they can stay well rested without taking a break from the road. Along with regular maintenance services, this keeps our vehicles safe, speedy, and suited to any customer.

Never accept service from a carrier that doesn’t value your company’s uniqueness. For more information on safe, efficient ground transport, contact ExpeditedDeliveryCompany.com today.