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Expedited Freight offers wide-ranging, comprehensive services.

If you’re in need of fast and reliable Expedited Trucking Services, look no further than Expedited Freight. Benefit from our wide range of urgent & direct freight solutions that serve nearly every industry in North America with the utmost in speed, efficiency and security.

Expedited Transportation

At Expedited Freight, we understand the pressures that come with needing dependable and secure Expedited Transportation. That’s why we offer freight solutions with the versatility you need to maximize speed and cost efficiency. With our wide range of transport options, we can accommodate any medium-sized freight or large palletized items.

One of the many benefits of working with Expedited Freight is our capacity to handle any medium-sized freight or large palletized cargo. We utilize numerous Expedited Transportation options, including 53-foot tractor trailers, 24-foot straight trucks, cargo van fleet operations, flatbeds and much more. We're ready to manage all of your time critical freight. 

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Expedited Transport Options

  • Truckload (48 ft. or 53 ft.)
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated
  • Van
  • Team
  • Air Ride

One of the benefits of working with Expedited Freight is having access to our expert customer service team. With around-the-clock availability, knowledgeable professionals are always on-hand to answer questions and give updates so you’re never in the dark. In addition you have the safety and reliability of dedicated trucking no matter how large or small your expedited load is. For expedited trucking trust our blend of know-how and commitment the next time you need expedited shipping help. 

Expedited Transportation Services

  • Air Freight
  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Express Trucking
  • Expedited LTL

Expedited Freight provides Expedited Transportation solutions at the local, regional and national levels across the United States and Canada. With our flexible and vast capabilities, we can deliver your Urgent Freight with the utmost care, security and promptness. On-time delivery is our goal for all of our expedited services, allowing you to relax and know we're managing your direct freight throughout. 

To benefit from Expedited Transportation solutions that you can rely on, request a quote from Expedited Freight today. When on time delivery is your priority we're equipped to assist. 

Expedited Cargo

Are you struggling to meet shipping deadlines or struggling to get your Expedited Cargo to its destination quickly and efficiently? Expedited Freight is ready to help. With our wide-ranging, comprehensive Expedited Cargo solutions, we can accommodate freight large or small, near or far, with the utmost speed and efficiency.

Part of what sets us apart from the competition is the flexibility of our Expedited Cargo services. We can pick-up or deliver cargo according to your schedule and meet even the strictest deadlines. With equipment ranging from 53-foot tractor trailers to vans and straight trucks, we can handle everything from single pallets to 44,000 lbs. of freight.

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Expedited Cargo Services

  • Air Charter
  • Expedited LTL
  • Time Critical Freight
  • Direct Trucking
  • Air Freight Forwarding

For Expedited Cargo that needs to take to the sky, whether due to distance or scheduling requirements, we couple our Direct Trucking services with our unmatched Air Freight service for the fastest, more secure option available for transporting your cargo.

With Expedited Cargo solutions that are second to none, Expedited Freight is ready to serve you.

Expedited Shipping

When it comes to truly fast and efficient Expedited Shipping, there is no substitute for valuable experience. For over a decade, Expedited Freight and our experienced professionals have met deadlines and exceeded expectations for companies across North America; delivering freight of all sizes, weights and distances.

One of the main contributors to our success in Expedited Shipping has been our commitment to superior customer service. Our knowledgeable team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer questions, provide updates, create customized solutions and work with you to take your business to the next level.

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Expedited Shipping Services

  • Expedited LTL
  • Direct Trucking
  • Time Critical Freight
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Hot Shot Trucking

In addition to the wide range of equipment available which includes everything from flatbeds to vans and straight trucks, Expedited Freight utilizes satellite tracking technology to ensure precise updates and location of freight, as well as the latest systems for efficient Expedited Shipping.

For the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Expedited Shipping needs are being fulfilled and deadlines are being met, request a quote from Expedited Freight today.