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Get your goods delivered overnight or on the same day with rapid trucking services from

When your company can’t afford another delay, trust to complete all your deliveries ahead of schedule. With our vast fleet of trucks and vans, experienced team of drivers, and network that spans much of North America, we never struggle to meet even the tightest deadlines. We provide expedited freight shipments by the next day, overnight, or even on the same day, tailoring our services to meet your needs.

Savvy Solutions for Companies Needing to Expedite Shipments

Expedited Shipment Expedited shipment services fill a critical gap in traditional ground transportation. Many firms are not prepared to have their supply lines disrupted, and can be thrown into chaos if a scheduled carrier doesn’t arrive on time or a customer makes a complicated request. Expedited shipments allow them to continue operating under these difficult conditions, providing options such as:

  • LTL Deliveries- Ideal for clients who must ship more than a parcel service can carry but less than a full truckload, expedited LTL shipments help you deliver large numbers of items with little notice.
  • Full Truckload Services- If you have to make up for missing supplies or furnish a large number of finished products in a short amount of time, expedited full truckload shipments let you do this with ease. Because they leave no empty space, these services minimize the cost per unit of trucking. provides both LTL and full truckload services at a moment’s notice. We can delivery any item overnight or on the same day, making sure to meet your timetable and budget. With our help, even the biggest shipping surprises won't throw your company off course.

Assessing Your Options for Expedited Freight Shipments provides our clients with as affordable and convenient an experience as possible through:

  • Constant customer support from a centralized source
  • Access to a team with extensive training in critical freight shipments
  • The option to organize both expedited and scheduled shipments from the same carrier
  • Air transport services to supplement our trucking if you need to deliver over vast distances
  • A network of vehicles, drivers, and coverage that spans Canada and the United States
  • Pricing in tiers so you’ll never have to worry about going over budget

The Key to Efficient Expedited Shipments

Expedited shipments can’t move any faster than the vehicles that carry them. For this reason, invests in quality trucks, vans, and tractor trailers. We perform frequent repairs and upgrades on our vehicles, and watch for any signs of damage or obsolescence. In this way, we not only maximize the speed of our deliveries, but lower their price, risk, and ecological footprint.

To operate our vehicles, we choose only the most highly skilled drivers. Our truckers operate in teams of two on long deliveries, letting them stay on the road during the night without raising the risk to your goods. They are also trained to treat you with courtesy and respect at the end of the delivery.

Efficient Expedited Shipments

For more information on expedited shipping or to schedule an order today, contact at (800) 704-0828.