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Overcome LTL shipping mishaps with ExpeditedFreight.com Freight Terminal Recovery services

Freight shipping logistics is a constant balance between speed, cost, method, and mode.

So when facing the challenge of reducing costs while still meeting urgent deadlines, it can be tempting to choose an option like less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. When sending freight by LTL, the shipper only pays for the portion of a standard truck trailer their freight occupies. Other companies and their shipments then fill the remaining unoccupied space.

LTL Freight Shipping Issues

However, the LTL shipping method requires transfers and cross-docking, often resulting in lost or damaged freight. Then you are faced with a Freight Terminal Recovery situation which causes delays, increases costs, and ultimately unhappy customers. That’s why ExpeditedFreight.com never offers LTL to our valued business partners.

These are some of the main reasons why ExpeditedFreight.com does not use LTL freight shipping for your critical shipments:

  • More planning — LTL carriers must deal with the complicated puzzle of strategically bundling shipments bound for the same (or nearby) destinations together to optimize time. Because LTL carriers are making several stops and shipping multiple pieces of freight, there are significantly more logistical details to track, such as: dissimilar freight classes, and pickup, destination and transfer locations.
  • Longer transit times — Because of numerous stops on the delivery route, LTL carriers may delay your shipment. This means you have to budget more time to ensure your freight arrives when it is needed. For example, due to the amount of handling that often takes place on an LTL shipment, a full truckload that could directly travel from Buffalo, NY, to Los Angeles, CA, in four to four-and-a-half days might take five, six, or even seven-plus business days to reach its final destination. Anything that delays or damages that LTL shipment will also negatively impact yours.
  • Increased handling — Most LTL carriers are focused on making local deliveries in the morning and once all those have been made, they begin aggregating local pickups so they can return to the terminal to begin the consolidation process. Once shipments have been sorted and consolidated into truckloads, they head to the next terminal where they will either be sent out for local delivery or loaded onto another truck for delivery to another terminal. As a result, LTL shipments may be handled once or handled multiple times before final delivery. Every transfer your shipment experiences is a potential point of failure in the logistics chain.
  • Increased damage risk — LTL carriers unload and reload your freight several times per trip, so the risk of damage is actually higher with LTL providers. LTL carriers use forklifts to handle and load freight, often double-stacking pallets in a trailer as well. This makes your shipment more vulnerable to damage. As a result, there is a significantly higher ratio of freight claims for LTL shipments when compared to exclusive direct truckloads. This is primarily due precisely because of the amount of handling, transfers and cross-decking that occurs throughout the delivery process.
  • Losing the entire shipment - One significant drawback of shipping via an LTL carrier is simply this: There is a very real possibility of the whole shipment either arriving late at its destination or being lost during one of its many transfers. Shipping directly via an exclusive expedited express vehicle eliminates this hazard entirely.

LTL is basically a hub-and-spoke shipping model, which always increases overall transit time when compared to direct, expedited shipping.

Although LTL shippers pay only for the space their freight occupies on the truck, if your shipment needs even a little specialized handling the extras can add up quickly:

  • Need inside pickup and delivery? Extra
  • Need delivery to a limited access area or remote location? Extra
  • Does your freight require a vehicle liftgate? Extra
  • Does your shipment require special equipment to handle perishable, fragile, or hazardous items? Extra
  • Need an expedited shipment? Extra

It’s clear the drawbacks to LTL shipping ultimately outweigh any potential cost savings.

Freight Terminal Recovery Services

So what happens after your LTL carrier loses your shipment or it is delayed at one of their transfer terminals? That’s where the advantages of ExpeditedFreight.com’s Freight Terminal Recovery services come in. We do all the legwork to find your lost or delayed shipment, then quickly provide you with a selection of expedited, direct shipping options to get it back on the road or in the air.

Terminal Freight Recovery

With ExpeditedFreight.com’s direct expedited sprinter vans you get:

  • Pickup within 90 minutes – Usually less.
  • An exclusive delivery vehicle – The truck carries only your freight. Period.
  • Direct delivery – No intermediaries or transfers, just Point A to Point B or dock to dock.
  • A single point of contact from booking to delivery – Work with the same expediter through the entire logistics chain.

ExpeditedFreight.com’s freight recovery services also include these shipping options...

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Expedited Transportation

We offer full truckload services to destinations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. This includes palletized and containerized product, bulk liquid management, or temperature-controlled distribution. Special equipment is available to provide you expedited trucking with a full range of commodity transport options, including: Flat beds, refrigerated units, roller beds and step decks. From cargo and Sprinter vans to large straight trucks, a customized ground solution with dedicated trucking for your freight is just a call or click away.

Expedited Freight Dedicated Trucks and Drivers

Express Trucking

Express trucking is a dedicated premium cargo freight service with expedited carrier trucks and vans that operate throughout the U.S. and Canada. Vehicle freight payload capacities can range anywhere from 2,000 to 44,000 pounds, with decks, doors and beds to accommodate almost any sized freight.

Expedited Freight Advantage
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Hot Shot Trucking

Hot Shot Truckers

ExpeditedFreight.com offers hot shot trucking services for large cargo that defies conventional packaging and traditional delivery vehicles – along with any freight of standard weight and dimensions.

Regardless of the size or weight you need to ship, we can pick it up and deliver it wherever it needs to go, on your schedule.

Overnight Freight

Expedited Cargo

In any delivery situation, having options and executing to a plan are critical to logistical success. That’s why overnight freight service by ExpeditedFreight.com is your go-to solution when it absolutely has to be there tomorrow, on time.

There are many overnight services to choose from, including:

  • Overnight first available
  • Overnight early a.m.
  • Overnight by 12:00 p.m.
  • Standard overnight by 5:00 p.m.

Your dedicated expeditor will evaluate and explain the best options for your specific shipment, then manage your overnight job throughout while keeping you fully updated.

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Same Day Delivery

Dedicated Customer Service Agents

Two factors determine if same-day air delivery or ground transportation by ExpeditedFreight.com will work for you: how early you call, and how far the shipment is going.

If these align, your expeditor will dispatch either a courier to take your freight to the airport, or a two-man driver team ready for a non-stop drive.

Your goods will be the only cargo on the truck or plane. You won't have to worry about time-consuming stops to pick up and discharge other shipments, not when every minute counts.

Air Charter

Air Charter

ExpeditedFreight.com specializes in aircraft charter and jet services, emergency air charter services, international charters, and time-critical freight shipments.

We provide air charters and global air charter services with virtually no size or weight limitations, ideal for those extra-large, time-critical cargo shipments that must arrive on time.

ExpeditedFreight.com air charter services can help your business overcome limitations that standard air freight simply can't. We'll partner with you to determine the very best air charter option to meet your delivery objectives - and monitor the shipment every step of the way.

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Expedited Delivery and Freight Terminal Recovery Services


As a premier provider of direct expedited delivery and freight terminal recovery services, ExpeditedFreight.com ensures your shipping success with these critical components:

  • Safety – Supplies and finished products must arrive in perfect condition
  • Speed – Through multiple transportation channels across the country, seamlessly
  • Accessibility – With dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed freight tracking information, regardless of the size of your cargo
  • Convenience – Request shipping via phone or online with easy, straightforward instructions and understandable terms and conditions
  • Economical – Ship your freight without breaking the bottom line by selecting from an extensive suite of services to fit your budget

ExpeditedFreight.com provides an integrated network of air and ground shipping options to give you the widest range of choices, whether it is an expedited Sprinter van or 747 freighter, without having to call around for multiple quotes. Your shipment size and speed requirements are matched to the perfect vehicle, eliminating waste and reducing expenses. If your deadline does not support using an exclusive ground service, your shipment can fly via a dedicated air charter service. From the moment you call, until after your shipment reaches its final destination, you can trust Airfreight.com to deliver your freight and superior customer service – every time.

Choosing the right direct shipping partner is a critical business decision. With ExpeditedFreight.com, experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. Your freight is important to you, so it’s important to us.

Don’t let an LTL freight fumble disrupt your shipping. Time critical, direct, expedited ground services by ExpeditedFreight.com gets your freight where you need it, when you need it.

Contact us now or get a quote online any time. We look forward to working with you as your complete logistics partner!