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Expedited Freight is the Express Trucking Company that Can’t Say No

No matter what your urgent shipment calls for, Expedited Freight will deliver it on time.

It’s what comes from over a decade of responding to desperate calls for help when a customer is faced with meeting an impossible deadline. Impossible in the view of other expedited trucking companies, that is, but not for us. When other so-called expedited carriers say "No Way", our customer service agents say “We have a way. When can we pick it up?”

Hot Shot Trucking — The Service for your Hot Shot Shipment

Hot Shot Carrier Trucking Service

How can we do it? You ask. It’s because throughout our 20+ years of providing hot shot delivery service we have relied on and continue to rely on:

  • Our team of Expeditors who are experienced at staying calm, so they can hop into action no matter how frantic the caller may be
  • A network of ever-ready hot shot truck drivers in all fifty states plus Canada and Mexico
  • Trusted contacts at all the major freight airlines should distance and deadline combine to require booking your cargo on a scheduled air freight flight.
  • Trusted Air Charter airlines for those cases where reserving a plane is the only way to go.

And wait there’s more. We have Hot Shot Carriers ready to roll.

How it works:

  • You get a call from customer who's in a pinch ad now you’re in a pinch. He’s transferred it to you. Now it’s your responsibility to see to it that his customer gets the parts he should have ordered three days ago. That’s the easy part. The problem is you have to get it there tomorrow afternoon. That means a normal two-day trip in half the time — normal for anyone but our hot shot truck drivers, that is.
  • All you have to do is pick up the phone, explain your situation to one of our customer service agents and now the problem is his. Except it’s not a problem for him. It's what he does every day. Give him the okay, and no matter where your warehouse is, he will dispatch a team of hot shot truckers to pick up your cargo at your loading dock and drive it nonstop to wherever you need it to go.
  • He can do this because in over a decade of providing hot shot carrier service, we have gathered a network of vetted truckers in every corner of the country. So no matter where you are, we have drivers within an hours of your location. It also doesn’t matter how big or small your shipment is, your dedicated driver will show up with a truck of the appropriate size. And to further expedite the journey, we will dispatch two hot shot drivers, so they can split driving duties with each other without having to stop for extended rest periods that eat into your deadline.
  • Not only that, but your order will be the only cargo he carries. The truck will arrive clean and empty, and once your shipment has been loaded and carefully secured, the drivers will not be making any other stops. Whether your order is a pallet, a small carton, or oversize specialized equipment, it will be the only freight on board. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of damage suffered enroute, it means there will be no time-consuming intermediate stops to pick up or deliver other cargo. The truck we send will be yours alone for the duration of the journey.

Allow us to say a word about our network of hot shot drivers and their trucks. We make sure every driver has an impeccable safety record and driving skills that come with years of experience. And you can rest assured that any truck that shows up to transport your cargo will be well-maintained and carry the appropriate loading, lifting and securing equipment to keep it safe.

That's what Expedited Freight means when we say your hot shot freight will have a Dedicated truck.

Our Dedicated Expeditors Are Truly At Your Service

Hot Shot Dedicated Expeditors

At Expedited Freight, the service with our Expeditors is more than a word in a standard job title. When one of our Expeditors picks up the phone to answer a customer’s plea for help, he is there for the long haul.

So, the Expeditors with whom you initially speak will be your agent for the duration of your shipment’s journey. He or she will listen intently to your relevant information, so he can issue you an accurate quote, and if it meets your approval, get the ball rolling.

By the time he gets your okay, he will already have mapped out the best route of travel, and planned whom to call next:

  • If it’s a ground shipment he will contact a hot shot driver team based in your general vicinity who can arrive at your loading dock within hours.
  • If your expedited freight order requires a middle portion of air travel, he will reserve space on one of the air freight companies with whom we deal, and dispatch a dedicated truck to transport it to the airport. Furthermore, he will arrange to have another dedicated truck and driver to pick it up as soon as it arrives at its destination airport for the final drive to your customer.
  • But, if by chance, there is no available space on a scheduled air flight to your customer's closest airport, or if no scheduled freight airlines travel there, your agent can charter a dedicated plane to get it there. And as in the case of dedicated trucks, your cargo will have the plane to itself. As for the plane, it will be of a sufficient size, never more than what your freight needs. We do this in deference to both your shipping budget and the environment.

Before making any arrangements, your dedicated customer care agent will send you a complete estimate and await your okay. Should it meet with your approval, you can expect a dedicated truck and driver to pick it up from your facility to take it to the airport, and of course, there will be another truck waiting to meet the charter plane when it arrives at the destination airport to drive it to your waiting customer.

Hot Shot Carriers Service

But as they say on those late night infomercials, but wait there’s more…

Since our Expeditors are dedicated agents, in the same sense as our trucks are dedicated to your shipment, the Expeditors you initially call to arrange the shipment will be the only Expedited Freight agent you deal with should you have any questions, or call for an update. This means no more having to reinvent the wheel, explaining who you are, going over the details of your shipment, or reciting a multi-digit tracking or confirmation number like other expedited delivery companies require. Just identify yourself, and your agent, since he is dedicated to you and your order, will have all latest real time information at his fingertips.

And in the rare case that there is a delay, you will be the first to know — after him, that is. He will immediately contact you to apprise you of the situation. But that’s a call our agents rarely have to make. More likely you’ll hear from him with good news — that your freight has arrived safe and sound at its destination — and in time to meet that impossible deadline.

That’s what dedicated Expeditors means at Expedited Freight.

CALL (800) 713-1000

Hot Shot Tracking Technology Means Never Having to Say We Don’t Know.

Expedited Freight has invested in the latest logistics software, freight locator devices, and satellite tracking equipment.

Hot Shot Tracking

We offer:

  • Satellite tracking so our Expeditors and hot shot truckers can be aware of the road ahead in order to bypass traffic jams, construction zones, rush hour traffic, accidents, or any other incidents that might delay your time sensitive shipment's progress. Should they spot any potential delays, they will confer on the best alternate route and your Expeditors will keep you in the loop.
  • Logistics software so the agent can be aware of the location of your dedicated truck at all times, without ever having to leave his desk.
  • Locator devices on your freight so that the agent can see at all times where any cargo happens to be, whether it is booked on a scheduled air freight flight or aboard a charter plane, allowing him to pinpoint its location before the plane even gets to the destination airport.

This is why whenever you call for an update on your hot shot trucking freight or your air cargo, your dedicated customer service agent will be able to tell you exactly where it is. And if there will be any change in to the time of arrival, our state-of-the-art technology always allows us to alert you proactively. Delays are rare, but quite often we call our customers to let them know their shipment will be arriving early, so they can make sure their customer will be there to receive it.

Priority Freight Service Whenever and Wherever You Need It


So the next time you have an order that has to ship out right away, call Expedited Freight. And we do mean any time.

Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. And that goes for our hot shot truckers too!

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Call us at (800) 713-1000

CALL (800) 713-1000

CALL (800) 713-1000