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When You Need It There Fast, You Need a Hot Shot Company

Modern businesses move faster than ever, so when you need your priority freight to get to its destination by the end of the day, hot shot delivery is key.

Hot shot trucking is the 21st century version of the Pony Express: the best drivers in the world do whatever it takes to get your express delivery to its destination on time, intact, and with the highest standards of safety for your goods. Hot shot delivery service is for B2B companies that value their customers and understand that sometimes same day delivery services are an absolute requirement.

Our Hot Shot Services Are 24/7/365

Hot Shot Carrier

Whether you need next day freight, overnight services, or same day trucking, we have you covered. Expedited Freight never takes a day off, and our top-notch drivers are always standing by to make sure you get exactly what you need. We provide hot shot freight transportation day and night, every day of the year.

Contact us at any time to get your pallets, machinery or other unique products loaded up and ready to go — we'll take care of the rest while keeping you posted about our progress along the way.

What Our Hot Shot Carrier Offers

Expedited Hot Shot Carrier

Our overnight trucking service is a dedicated carrier that works only for you. Your items are the only ones on board, so there's no need to make any unnecessary stops along the way, and no worries about getting your freight mixed up with anyone else's.

Expedited trucking doesn't have to be hard. When you choose the right hot shot company, you're can stop worrying about your shipments and get back to taking care of business.

Our hot shot company promises best-in-class service from door to door, including:

  • An expedited carrier network of long haul trucking companies that cover every corner of the United States, Canada and Mexico to get your freight delivered anywhere in North America. If you have the address, our express carriers will get it there.
  • White glove service throughout the entire process. We get your express deliveries door to door without hassles like transfers or cross-docking that keep you up at night.
  • Outstanding customer service from a dedicated agent who is your point person for the full process. This seasoned express shipping pro handles everything from dispatching vehicles to monitoring your shipment en route and providing follow-up services as needed for a stress-free experience.
  • The flexibility to handle any size load. We offer expedited LTL shipments to move single crates and pallets on up through expedited full truckloads. Got oversized machinery, odd sizes and shapes of equipment, or wide loads? Our dedicated trucking masters are specially trained to get the job done.
  • Always-on monitoring of shipments. We keep you posted on our progress with real-time updates that include weather alerts and information about unexpected problems along the way, whether it's a wildfire or an apocalyptic traffic jam.
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Flexible Hot Shot Shipping for Every Business

All hot shot companies offer fast shipping, but you also need the flexibility to deal with every load. Size, shape, weight, and number of parcels all make a difference when it comes to express freight, so you need an expedited delivery service that can handle every package. Our hot shot company connections provide the variety and expertise you need to get any job done, on time and intact.

Flexible Hot Shot Shipping

Sprinter Vans

Got a delivery that's less than 2,000 pounds and won't come close to filling up a whole semi truck? Don't pay for more expedited cargo space than you need. Our hot shot companies offer compact sprinter vans to get your goods where they need to go, whether you're looking for same day delivery, overnight freight, or next day service to you final destination.

Small Straight Trucks

Small straight trucks are the unsung heroes of same day freight. With a capacity of up to 6,5000 pounds, they're ideal for a wide range of shipments, including palletized cargo, small machinery, and LTL express freights that would otherwise cost a fortune on a larger, mostly empty semi truck. Any same day carrier worth its salt should have plenty of small trucks available to provide maximum flexibility for all types of businesses.

Large Straight Trucks

When you need the big guns, only a large truck will do. Our large straight trucks are capable of carrying up to 12,500 pounds anywhere you need to go. These trucks are driven by professional, fully licensed haulers and are perfect for multiple pallets, construction equipment, and oversized cargo that needs expedited service.

Flat Bed Trailers

The ultimate in adaptability for large loads, flat bed trailers are the vehicle of choice for shipments of oversized construction material and machinery. Whether you're shipping gas main pipes or delivering a manufactured home to its final destination, flat bed trailers make expedited delivery services possible for a whole host of industries that are used to thinking outside the box truck.

Additional Express Carrier Services for Large Loads

Oversized deliveries require a whole extra level of expertise. You need to plan a route that will accommodate wide loads, extra weight, and stay in compliance with local regulations — all while getting to your final destination fast.

To make sure you have everything you need for a smooth ride, we also provide the following for our expedited services customers who need more:

  • Pilot Cars and licensed, expert drivers to accompany your cargo
  • Flagmen for safety and compliance with local regulations
  • Curtain Sides to protect sensitive loads from damage en route
  • Permit Loads to take all the guesswork and hassle out of transporting oversized materials legally
  • Air-Ride Suspension for the smoothest possible trip
  • Rack and Tarp to weatherproof your ride as you hit the road

Need something else from your hot shot company that's not listed here? Try us! We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all of our customers' expectations. We go the extra mile to get your goods where they need to go.

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First Class Customer Service

First Class Customer Service

Hot shot delivery customers are looking for something special, and we know how to deliver. When you have special shipments, you don't just need speed and safety — though we make sure you get these, too!

You also need professional, courteous customer service that keeps you apprised of every move your shipment makes. When you choose our hot shot companies to care for your shipments, you get top-notch service from friendly professionals.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

  • Every member of our team is responsible for excellent customer service.
  • We promise to be available to field your questions every hour of every day — no exceptions.
  • We leave no question unanswered, and we don't rest until you're happy with the answers.
  • We're detail-oriented and make sure we get all the information we need about the dimensions and destination of your delivery on the first call.
  • We keep you updated about your shipment from door to door.
  • We provide you a single point of contact for your delivery to save you time, energy, and provide total piece of mind.
  • We value your time, and we don't play games, so say goodbye to phone tag forever.

Additional Air Cargo Services

Hot shot delivery is our bread and butter, but we're also proud to offer outstanding air freight shipping as well. When you need fast, reliable air cargo services throughout North America, we're your best choice.

Additional Air Cargo Services

We offer comprehensive air shipping, including the following services:

  • Ground Pickup and Transfer: We load your goods onto truck to get them to the airport efficiently and safely.
  • Connections to Every Airport: We have relationships with airlines all across the country to streamline your air freight deliveries.
  • Chartered Flights: If you prefer, we provide chartered flights to keep your goods separate for the fastest possible service.
  • Prompt Delivery to Final Destination: We make sure your shipment is picked up from the airport fast and dropped off in perfect condition at its final destination.

Have other hot shot delivery or express freight needs that need to be addressed? Give us a call. We have the experience and expertise you need to get your shipment anywhere in the country. We're fast. We're courteous. We're conscientious. We're true hot shots.

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Call us at (800) 713-1000

CALL (800) 713-1000