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Hot Shot Transportation From ExpeditedFreight.com: Because Anything Less Just Won't Do

At ExpeditedFreight.com, we understand that there's no such thing as a "simple shipment" in the modern era.

Transportation is about more than just getting products from one location to another. In many ways, it's an act that forms the very basis of the relationship that you're forging with your own clients on a daily basis. Certainly, it acts as the foundation upon which your very organization has been built. The future success of your company literally depends on a reliable logistics infrastructure needed to ship critical items across the country and when the stakes are that high, you should NEVER settle for "any old" shipping provider to get the job done.

Our Approach, Our Fleet and More

With ExpeditedFreight.com, you can take full advantage of our Hot Shot Transportation services and everything that they entail. Designed from their inception to be more than just ground transportation services, they're intended to be the perfect solution for when you MUST get your pivotal shipments across North America as safely and as securely as possible.

Hot Shot Transportation Fleet

If the situation calls for it, your time sensitive shipment can be the ONLY cargo on board. We can carry smaller loads, massive ones and everything in between. So long as your order is headed to an accessible location in the United States, Canada or Mexico, it doesn't matter whether you need to get it across the city or across the continent - it'll get there on-time and with absolutely no exceptions.

One of the things we've always tried to accomplish with our Hot Shot Transportation services involves making every client feel at ease from the moment they hear that friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

Hot Shot Transportation Service

Make no mistake: we want to offer you more than just another transportation service. Anybody can offer freight shipments - even those that are time-sensitive or otherwise critical in nature.

At ExpeditedFreight.com, on the other hand, we've gone out of our way to offer you the type of experience you won't find anywhere else during EVERY leg of the delivery process.

All of this begins by making sure that we're only hiring the best Hot Shot Transportation drivers in the first place. Likewise, we always take the time to get to know each of our customer's businesses in an intimate level of detail, guaranteeing that we always match up the right job with the right solutions - no matter how unique your transportation needs happen to be.

Speaking of that fleet, you'll know doubt be pleased to know that we offer a wide range of special services like:

  • Air Freight
  • Air Charter
  • Ground Expedite
  • Expedited Truckload

All of this is in addition to the incredibly versatile fleet itself, which includes vehicles like:

  • Sprinter Vans
  • Small Straight Trucks
  • Large Straight Trucks
  • 53ft Air-Ride Trailers
  • Flat Bed Trailers

It doesn't matter what your freight is or where it happens to be going. It makes no difference whether it is a standard size or over-dimension and awkward.

Delicate or fragile, palletized or pressurized - we've seen it all and we can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that we'll get you the exact type of carrier you need, paired with the perfect Hot Shot Transportation driver, each and every time we have the opportunity to do so.

The Steps We Take to Mitigate Risk Before, During and After Your Shipment

Hot Shot Transportation Air

Whenever you're talking about anything as inherently complex as shipping, there's always a chance that problems will arise. This isn't necessarily something you can control... but what we DO have influence over with our Hot Shot Transportation services are the steps we take to make sure those issues DON'T impact your shipment in any way, shape or form.

In many situations, for example, we'll actually dispatch not one but two drivers to your location to pick up your shipment. This makes sure that one always stays well-rested at all times, eliminating the need to waste valuable travel time on rest stops along the way.

All of our Hot Shot Transportation truckers also use the latest and greatest that modern logistics technology has to offer. Via satellite tracking, for example, your dedicated agent will always look ahead for potential obstacles that could slow your shipment down like sudden traffic jams, accidents or even instances of road construction.

Hot Shot Transportation

Armed with that valuable and actionable information, your agent and your drivers can decide on a new route together - all in the name of getting your items exactly where they need to go without delay. If there IS some type of unfortunate situation where your delivery needs to slow down for one reason or another, you'll know instantly so that you can make arrangements on your end.

So whether you need traditional logistics services or an emergency delivery, or even if you want to schedule a pickup in less than 24 hours, you can be confident in knowing that our Hot Shot Transportation service members will proudly stand by your side every step of the way.

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Our Hot Shot Transportation Services: Going Above and Beyond

When you work with a Hot Shot company like ExpeditedFreight.com, it's important for you to understand that you're ultimately getting a lot more than just another shipping and logistics company.

Hot Shot Transportation Company

You'd be hard-pressed to find a single competing provider that offers everything we do, which includes but is not limited to things like:

  • Support for both your flexible and urgent scheduling needs. So long as your shipment is headed to an accessible location somewhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico, we'll get it there exactly when we say we're going to - no exceptions.
  • At any given moment, you'll always have just a single point of contact for all of your questions, comments and concerns. From the moment our relationship begins, you'll have access to a single dedicated agent who is always available to pick up the phone.
  • You get full customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your business doesn't stop just because it's nighttime or a weekend and thankfully, neither does ours.
  • You'll also have the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that trained expediters are overseeing your Hot Shot Transportation shipments at all times. Our team has decades of combined experience between them and they've literally seen it all - meaning that they know how to get even the most complicated shipments where they're going in one piece.
  • Satellite tracking and other GPS-powered technologies that will allow you to get instant, real-time updates about your shipment while it's still in transportation. In the very unlikely event of a delay, you'll know it immediately so that you can make appropriate arrangements. In the much more common event that your shipment is getting to its destination early, you'll know that, too.
  • But most importantly, get access to our team of thousands of Hot Shot Transportation truckers and trucking teams that have experience with every type of shipment you can imagine. They're in control of a massive fleet of over 50,000 vehicles - meaning that we always have exactly the right way to transport your freight, regardless of what it happens to be.

Taken individually, any one of these advantages would often prove that ExpeditedFreight.com's Hot Shot Transportation services are absolutely the way to go for most people. But when you consider that you're just a phone call away from unlocking all of these benefits at the exact same time, it's clear that this is one opportunity that you absolutely cannot afford to pass up.

The ExpeditedFreight.com Experience: Contact Us Today


At ExpeditedFreight.com, we understand how important your mission critical shipments truly are - regardless of what they happen to be or where they're ultimately headed. You don't just need someone who will promise to get your essential items from "Point A" to "Point B."

You need someone who is going to pick those items up when they say they are. Someone who is going to treat that shipment as if it were their own and offer all the care and attention-to-detail that comes with it. Someone who is going to get those shipments exactly where they need to be when they need to be there, absolutely no exceptions.

Indeed, those points are a large part of why we founded our Hot Shot Transportation services in the first place. Let us worry about the logistics of both your flexible and urgent scheduling shipments so that you can get back to focusing on the most important thing of all: running the business you've always dreamed of.

So if you'd like to find out more information about exactly what our Hot Shot Transportation services entail, or if you'd just like to speak to someone about your own needs in a little more detail, please don't delay - contact ExpeditedFreight.com today or fill out the "Contact Us" form below so that we can figure out how to best help you right away.

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CALL (800) 704-7145

CALL (800) 704-7145