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Not everyone is familiar with the term Hot Shot.

The dictionary defines a hot shot as an important or exceptionally able person.

Dig a bit deeper and you'll find a reference to hot shot trucking as a type of trucking that carries relatively smaller, time sensitive loads to accessible locations. If you are to go by these definitions you'd have to say that ExpeditedFreight.com takes hot shot trucking to higher levels. In fact, you could say that we offer hot shot hot shot trucking services.

Hot Shot Trucking Services

Hot Shot TruckingWe are exceptionally able at transporting time sensitive loads, but we go a step further than the dictionary definition:

  • We provide hot shot trucking in which your time sensitive load is the only cargo on board, negating the possibility of loss or damage.
  • We carry smaller loads, but we do not put a limit on a shipment's size, weight, or dimensions. In fact many of our hot shot trucking customers are in the energy sector and ship mega-size equipment and over-dimensional machinery involved in drilling and laying pipelines
  • We deliver orders to accessible locations with no regard whether they're crosstown, across the country, or in Canada or Mexico, and always according to the customer's schedule.

In other words, you bring it, we'll ship it, or more precisely, you call us, we'll pick it up and deliver it.

We're the hot shots of hot shot trucking companies for many reasons. But let's start with our team of reliable customer service experts who man the phones 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Customer Service Agents Truly at Your Service

Hot Shot Trucking Customer Service You'll notice the difference from the moment he or she picks up your call. You may be a bit un-nerved at the prospect of shipping a much-needed part to a customer with a looming deadline, or an oversized replacement engine to your project manager who has stopped operations until it arrives.

It may be a make-it-or-break-it situation for you, but for the hotshot trucking agent, it's business as usual. Delivering client's goods with little or no notice is what we do every day — no matter how oversized, no matter how urgent. It's why we count companies from the energy, automotive, and construction sectors among our frequent customers.

But cool, calm, and collected is only the tip of the iceberg, beneath that, they're a flurry of activity; making note of your shipment's dimensions, and the type of vehicle required; deciding which hot shot truckers to notify, and taking down your contact information, so they can provide you with timely updates throughout your freight's journey. Unlike other hot shot trucking companies, the agent who takes your call will be your single point of contact from this point on. This means should you have any questions, or need follow up, you 'll never have to waste time explaining who you are and what you're shipping. In fact, you may not need to call at all, since your agent will make it his mission to keep you in the loop until your cargo arrives at its destination.

Meanwhile, you can expect a vetted and experienced hot shot trucker or two to arrive at your facility within hours of hanging up the phone.

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Hot Shot Truckers at Your Door

Hot Shot Truckers Whether you need emergency hot shot trucking services, or want to schedule a pickup the next day, you can be sure your agent will send exactly the right size vehicle and a team of experienced hot shot truck drivers to load it with utmost care. The reason we are able to respond with such speed is that we have access to some of the best hot shot truckers on the road. Providing hot shot trucking services to customers all over the country for over a decade has enabled us to make connections with hot shot truck owners and drivers in virtually every state as well as Canada and Mexico. So not matter where your freight is, and where it's going, whether it's over-dimension and awkward, delicate and fragile, palletized or pressurized, we can dispatch the exact type of carrier you need, and a driver thoroughly versed in its safe operation.

Not only do we have sprinter vans, straight trucks, dry vans, flat-bed trailers, and top-notch rigs, that are tested and serviced regularly, we also have access to the following options should your shipment require special transport.

  • Pilot cars
  • Flagmen
  • Air ride suspension
  • Curtain sides
  • Permit loads
  • Rack and tarp

And for your peace of mind, we employ the latest in logistics technology to keep an eye on the load and keep you in the loop.

Tracking Technology-Enhanced Hot Shot Trucking

Hot Shot Trucking Service In many cases, we dispatch two drivers, so they can spell each other, keeping them well-rested without having to spend valuable travel time on rest stops. But we also provide our hot shot truckers with the latest in logistics technology. Using satellite tracking, your dedicated agent can ride along virtually, looking ahead for potential obstacles that can slow them down, such as road repair crews, traffic jams, and accidents.

Together, they can then decide on a new route. If this will slow down delivery, the agent will notify the customer right away, so he can prepare the end user for the delay. Or if the news is good, she can let him know the shipment will be arriving ahead of schedule, so he can make sure the end user has someone there for the delivery

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Take the Hot Shot Trucking Company Challenge

Hot Shot Trucking Company You can research other hot shot trucking companies, but when all is said and done, Expedited Freight stands head and shoulders above the rest. We challenge you to find another hot shot trucking company that offers everything we offer:

  • Both flexible and urgent scheduling
  • Single point of contact customer agents
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Trained expediters overseeing your hot shot freight at all times
  • Satellite tracking
  • Thousands of hot shot truckers and hot shot trucking teams
  • Over 50,000 vehicles

These are but some of the reasons why ExpeditedFreight.com can promise to deliver on-time every time.

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