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ExpeditedFreight.com believes logistics doesn't have to be complicated, even when overnight freight services are involved.

Experience makes all the difference in the world. Or to put it a different way, practice makes perfect.

The dedicated customer service agents at ExpeditedFreight.com are extremely well versed in arranging all levels of overnight freight services. While you may feel as if your challenge is unique, they help other companies facing similar situations every day, making all the right connections to facilitate overnight freight shipments that arrive at their destinations, safe, secure and by the next day, as required.

Overnight Freight Customized Solutions

But they don't do it alone. They have state-of-the-art management systems and logistics technologies at their fingertips, a network of truck drivers across the country North America including Canada, and connections to airlines that provide both scheduled freight flights and charter services. 

This unparalleled level of connectedness is why if we say yes, we can get your freight to your customer's receiving area tomorrow, we don't have to cross our fingers. We know it for a fact.

No matter what size your overnight freight happens to be, we can customize a solution to get it there overnight.

Overnight Freight on the Ground

If the distance is feasible for an overnight freight shipment to get there by ground, our overnight freight customer care agent will dispatch a vehicle which best fits your shipment's dimensions and weight, and you can expect a driver from our network of trained drivers to show up at your loading dock within a few hours. In the case of longer distances, you can expect two drivers to allow them to spell each other, doing away with the need for rest stops. Your freight will be their solo cargo, minimizing the possibility of loss or damage, and eliminating time-consuming stops to take on other freight.

Overnight Freight on the Ground

At this point, our advanced logistics technology joins the mix, connecting both our truckers and agents to the latest in satellite tracking, allowing them to detect any road work crews, accidents, or traffic jams in real time, so they can proactively alter their course in time to avoid them. And since the agent who initially took your call is your dedicated agent, not only seeing that your overnight freight gets there overnight, but being there for you until it reaches its destination, he or she will keep you clued in to any route changes.

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Overnight Freight by Air

Overnight Freight by Air When the distance is too far for freight to reach its destination overnight, your dedicated agent will go over your air options with you.

  • Scheduled Air Service: Your agent will first locate a carrier with a scheduled flight to an airport near your destination, then arrange for ground transport to get it to the airport, and when it arrives, schedule another truck to pick it up and deliver it to your client's facility. In many cases, the carrier is FedEx.
  • Air Charter: This is a more costly option, but it means your shipment will be the only one on the aircraft. If you agree to this level of overnight freight, your agent will charter a plane, and arrange for it to travel from the airport closest to your locale to the airport closest to your designation. He will also arrange for ground transportation at either end of the journey.

Overnight Freight Air Charter So the next time you're faced with a customer who needs equipment, machinery, or a palletized load, and they need it tomorrow, who will you call? A shipping company you use for everyday orders, but that has an unknown track record when it comes to overnight freight services?

Or will you call an overnight freight company that has expertise in quickly assessing overnight freight shipping challenges, coming up with trustworthy realistic solutions, then following through with seamless overnight freight connections.

If the latter is what you want, you want ExpeditedFreight.com.