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When it comes to the reasons customers give for needing overnight shipping services, our customer service agents could write a book: desperately needed back orders; orders that shipped an item short; parts that needed emergency repairs.

But no matter why, it all comes down to the fact that someone somewhere is in desperate need of something.

And if you are the one who has to get it to them, you may not always keep a cool head. But then when you turn to ExpeditedFreight.com, you don't have to. All you have to do is explain your desperate situation to the overnight shipping agent who takes your call, and he will take over — immediately. While you may find emergency shipments unnerving, it's second nature to us. After all, we ship overnight freight every day! It's what we're known for.

Overnight Shipping Takes a Team of Experienced Expeditors

Overnight Shipping The agent you speak to will be your single point of contact, dedicated to seeing to it that your next day shipment starts its journey within hours of taking your information. The reason he can do this is because he's connected to a trustworthy network of ground and air transportation professionals who have proved themselves to be the best in the business of delivering urgent shipments and meeting crucial deadlines.

Because Expedited Freight is a multi-national company aligned with trucking companies and freight airlines throughout this country, as well as Canada, and Mexico, our agents need only make one phone call to dispatch a truck or van to your facility, make a plane reservation, or even charter an entire plane for your overnight cargo.

Overnight Freight Delivered via the Road

Overnight Freight In our decade plus of expedited shipping we have established connections with truckers in all fifty states plus Canada and Mexico so you can expect your overnight freight to be picked up within hours no, matter where you're located. It may be a sprinter van, or it may be small large, or medium straight truck, but you can rest assured it will meet your shipment's requirements without going over them. Your agent will choose based on the size and dimensions of your cargo, taking care not to waste your money by sending you more truck than you need.

If the distance and lead time permit it, the drivers who load your freight onto their vehicle will take it all the way, nonstop, to its destination.  In many cases, two drivers will arrive, so they can spell for each other on the way, doing away with the need for time-consuming rest stops. Nor will they be eating up time with stops to pick up other customers' cargo, because when you ship with Expedited Freight, the vehicle is dedicated to your shipment. This not only speeds up delivery times, but adds to your cargos security since there will be no transfers or cross docking, either of which can bring the possibility of loss or damage.

But your agent's job is far from over. Thanks to the state-of-the-art logistics technology all of our agents have at their fingertips, he will monitor the truck's progress via satellite tracking as it travels to your customer's door, and give you timely updates so you can pass them on to your customer if you'd like. He'll even be the one to issue your invoice and follow up with you to make sure all your needs were met.

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Overnight Shipping via Scheduled Air Freight

Overnight Shipping Air Freight In cases where next day delivery on the ground is out of the question either because of the miles involved or the time of day in which you called to arrange shipping, the driver will deliver it to the closest airport and see to it that it is safely handed over to the airline on which your agent will have reserved space on an overnight flight.

Again, because of our presence all over the North American continent, we have working relationships with freight airlines such as FedEx that will consolidate your cargo on a flight going to an airport near your customer's location. In order to make the journey as seamless as possible, he will also see to it that a truck or van is waiting at the other end of the journey to whisk it away to your waiting enduser.

Next Day Freight Via Air Charter

Next Day Freight Air Charter In the event that there is no space left on a commercial flight that would meet your next day deadline, your agent can issue you a price quote for chartering a plane to transport your cargo to whatever airport serve's your customer's area.

As with all our modes of transportation there will be no other freight on board the plane.

If the cost meets your approval, he will arrange for ground transportation to the airport where the charter flight will be waiting to commence the journey, and another vehicle to meet it when it lands to deliver your goods to your relieved customer.

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The Choice is Yours

The next time you find yourself in need of an expeditor, you have a choice. Will you turn your next day freight over to a shipping company who provides overnight shipping services but lumps your goods in with those of other customers?

Or will you turn to a premier freight provider who:

  • Deals only in expedited shipments
  • Assigns individual vehicles to each customer's cargo
  • Provides a single point of contact agent who takes responsibility for making all the arrangements, and uses satellite tracking to keep customer's abreast of the journey from pickup to delivery
  • Thanks to its nationwide coverage, can dispatch a suitable vehicle to your facility within hours, no matter where you're located.

If the latter sounds good to you, expedited Freight can be reached any time — as in 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

CALL (704) 660-9000