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Overnight trucking service is called for in those "we have a crisis" moments such as a new customer calling to say your last shipment arrived a pallet short, and it's impacting a critical deadline he needs to meet...... tomorrow!

Or when your factory manager calls to say he just discovered his entire batch of paint is contaminated and unless you can get a dozen crates to him from your East Coast warehouse, he's going to have to shut down the assembly line.

The type of overnight trucking company you turn to can mean the difference between saving the day and ruining the possibility of any future orders from a customer left in a desperate situation.

These shipments call for a team of seasoned expediters with a winning track record of saving the day for companies nationwide.

An Overnight Trucking Company Fueled by a Seamless Team of Dedicated Expediters

Overnight Trucking Company Seamless Customer Service

You start the ball rolling as soon as you explain your situation to the customer service agent who takes your call. This is because, thanks to years of experience dealing with situations like yours, he or she has already decided on the optimum sized vehicle, and is mentally mapping out the best route. Unlike other overnight trucking services you may have dealt with, be assured you won't be left worrying and crossing your fingers that your shipment will arrive the next day. The agent you initially speak to will be with you every step of the way, from helping you explore your options to dispatching the right size vehicle for your shipment, then keeping you informed of the progress of your shipment so you can pass the word along to your anxious customer. He or she will still be there for any follow up that may be needed, and even will be the one to issue your invoice.

Seamless Overnight Truck Teams

No matter what time you make the call, you can expect to have a dedicated truck or van show up at your point of origin within a few hours to immediately start its journey. This is because we are a multi-national company that, over the years of providing overnight trucking services, has established a network of local, regional, and cross-country drivers who are available 24/7/365 no matter whether your shipment is going. Depending on how many miles your shipment must travel, there may be two drivers spelling for each other in order to keep the number of stops at a minimum.

Your Own Dedicated Overnight Vehicle

Whether your cargo needs a sprinter van, flat bed, or straight truck, your cargo will be its sole contents from origin to destination, eliminating time-consuming stops for transfers, cross-docking, or additional pickups and deliveries. This not only expedites the trip, it also minimizes even the possibility of damage or loss.

State of the Art Tracking Technology

One of the reasons we are able to provide reliable overnight trucking services across 50 states and into Canada is that we employ the latest in logistics technology, including satellite tracking. This allows our teams of customer service agents and truck drivers to keep abreast of any real-time delays such as accidents, detours, or road construction sites so the drivers can avoid them, and the agents can keep you abreast of any change in your shipment's estimated time of arrival.

Expedited Freight, Your Solution Oriented Logistics Specialists

Over a decade of providing emergency shipments means we can provide you with solution-oriented choices while keeping an eye on your bottom-line. In addition to overnight trucking services, we can also help you out with

  • Air cargo
  • Air freight
  • Expedited Trucking
  • Expedited LTL Shipments
  • Hot shot trucking
  • Just in Time deliveries
Expedited Freight Logistics

Now that you know we have these capabilities, and even more, we hope you'll make Expedited Freight your full service logistics partner.

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