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In our 24/7 economy, businesses simply need to have a trustworthy same day carrier they can rely on to transport any urgent or expedited cargo to its destination in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

At Expedited Freight, we understand the demands of B2B deliveries — and we know that a late — or worse, a missed — shipment can affect an entire production schedule or sales cycle.

And of course, that in turn can have a negative impact on your relationships with business partners. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide the very best same day carrier services so you can rest assured that your shipment arrives on time and intact.

When you choose us, we prioritize your shipment — leaving you to conduct your business confidently and without worrying.

Advantages of Our Same Day Carrier Services

Our same day trucking and air freight services offer several distinct benefits to the discerning B2B customer.

Same Day Carrier Services

Advantages of our services include:

  • Dedicated method of transportation: Because we prioritize your shipment, the method(s) of transportation used are dedicated solely to your products. That means you get a dedicated carrier. In other words, the driver and/or pilot do not stop along the way to pick up or drop off other customers’ shipments. Instead, they provide a non-stop delivery from the departure point to the final destination. This method of expedited shipping can save you hours — enabling you to get your shipment where it needs to be… when it needs to be there.
  • Reduced risk of damage or lost freight: An added advantage to using a dedicated method of transportation for your shipment is the fact that it reduces the risk of damaged or lost freight. With only your delivery on board, the freight won’t be handled by anyone until it’s time to unload it at the destination.
  • Extensive network of carriers: With our extensive partner network of carriers that spans the U.S., Canada and Mexico, we can quickly and efficiently transport your shipment to its destination, no matter where that is in North America. Safe and fast local, regional and interstate transport is achieved thanks to the availability of numerous vans, trucks and airplanes that we can deploy at any time of the night or day.

Ground Services for Same Day Freight and Priority Freight

Same Day Freight Service

Depending on where your shipment needs to be transported to, we offer various forms of ground transportation:

  • Dedicated Sprinter Vans
  • Small Straight Trucks
  • Large Trucks

Ground transportation is available for same day deliveries within a specific region or multiple adjoining states.

Our drivers are all highly experienced and properly vetted, so you can rely on them handling your shipment with the utmost care. In many cases, we will send two drivers so there’s no need for long rest stops along the way. Your driver will make sure the freight is carefully loaded and properly secured at the departure point. When it arrives at the destination, he will oversee the unloading to ensure the shipment remains undamaged.

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Air Services for Same Day Freight and Priority Freight

Air Services Same Day FreightIn some cases, ground transport simply isn’t a possibility for a same day delivery or express delivery.

For example, the distance that needs to be covered can be too large, or the traffic can make it impossible to meet the predetermined deadline.

That’s why we offer the following air services for same day freight:

  • Scheduled Air Freight: We send one of our drivers to pick up your shipment and transport it to the airport for consolidated scheduled freight transport — which means it will be transported along with other customers’ shipments. When the plane lands, another driver will be waiting to pick it up and drive it to its final destination.
  • Urgent Air Charter: If you have an urgent delivery, we can charter a plane to transport just your shipment. As always, we can provide the transport to and from the airport.
  • Any shipment amount: Regardless of whether you have a full load shipment or an expedited LTL that’s time critical, we offer same day dedicated freight carrier services.

A Superior Customer Experience

Same Day Carrier Service

Speed and proper handling of your shipment aren’t the only things we have to offer — we also deliver a customer experience that’s second to none. From the moment you reach out to us for a quote, you’ll have a single point of contact throughout your process.

That means you won’t get handed off to multiple different departments but will have one single agent for everything, from scheduling the pickup to choosing the best route to paying the invoice.

Imagine how much time that can save you simply because you don’t have to keep explaining your situation over and over again to different people.

In addition, we use state of the art satellite technology to track all of our shipments. So when you want to know exactly where your delivery is en route, your agent can tell you where it is in real time. And that in turn means you can keep your clients informed as to when they can expect the delivery to arrive.

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Our Promise to You

Same Day Carrier

There are plenty of carrier services available — yet only Expedited Freight meets the strict quality requirements associated with the very best carriers.

So whether you need to get a delicate piece of medical equipment from Boston to New York or a full shipment of parts from Dallas to Los Angeles, you can always rely on us to make the transport smoothly and successfully.

At Expedited Freight, we’re proud to deliver the highest possible quality of same day services.

To accomplish this, we focus on the following four factors:

  • Safety: From the moment that your shipment is in our care, we make it our mission to ensure it arrives at its destination in as good a condition as it left your facility. After all, delivering damaged goods to your clients is simply inexcusable. It leads to costly delays and can even impact your business relationships. That’s why our people are all trained in proper handling, so they know exactly how to care for any shipment, no matter how large or small, delicate or robust.
  • Speed: Thanks to our vast network of qualified carriers, we can ensure your delivery arrives at its destination on time and in one piece. With the option of expedited ground transportation and air transport, we make the seemingly impossible possible.
  • Convenience: Let’s face it — some businesses have websites that are so challenging to navigate, you waste hours trying to find out how to place an order. That’s why our platform is specifically designed to be as simple and easy-to-navigate as possible. We provide transparent delivery information and a straightforward payment structure — plus, we offer a highly accessible customer service department that can answer all of your questions, address any concerns you may have and help you select the right service for your situation.
  • Accessibility: Not interested in searching endlessly online for the right same day carrier service? No problem — we’ve acquired a large number of domain names that are related to Expedited Freight in order to make it easy for our customers to find our services.

Other Express Services From Expedited Freight


We also offer a range of different services that can meet your need for express shipping, including expedited freight, expedited cargo, expedited LTL, overnight shipping and priority freight.

Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service agents will work with you to determine which option is best for your situation depending on the size and nature of the shipment, the distance it needs to travel and the time by which it needs to be at its destination.

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