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When it comes to same day trucking services, ExpeditedFreight.com has a host of cost-effective options to get your urgent shipment to its destination.

Explain your situation to one of our same day trucking agents, and within moments, he or she will dispatch a skilled driver from our country-wide network of vetted drivers.

Cargo vans, straight trucks, tractor trailers, and flat bed trucks — we have a wide variety of vehicles to suit the dimensions, distance, and deadline involved in shipping your order.

Unlike other trucking companies where overnight trucking is the fastest level of shipping service available, Expedited Freight provides same day trucking for those times when the success of a venture or deal hinges on getting your product to a client or branch office before the end of the day, the end of the day you send it, that is. If you weren't aware that kind of same day trucking company existed, please allow us to introduce ourselves, and explain what sets us apart.

Meet ExpeditedFreight.com, an Urgent Shipping Company Built on Dedication

Same Day Trucking Dedicated to Last-Minute Shipping

You need look no further than our name to see that ExpeditedFreight.com is dedicated to urgent last-minute shipping. Expediting is all we do. It's what sets us apart from other logistics companies. It's the reason our customers turn to us. They know that whether they need to get a five pound surveillance camera to one of their bank's branches, or six pallets of potting soil to a garden supply store who has it on sale, they know that expeditedFreight.com can get it there, and get it there on the same day our truck picks it up, providing they call us early enough and the distance to be traveled is drivable.

Dedicated Same Day Shipping Agents

Another feature that sets us apart is that customers have a single point of contact. Customers service agents are available 24/7 and the one that answers your initial call is there for you every step of the journey. He or she will:

  • Listen to your need.
  • Explore the most cost-effective options to you.
  • Quote a price.
  • Dispatch just the right size vehicle for your shipment, be it a sprinter van, straight truck, or flat bed truck.
  • Monitor the progress of your shipment in order to provide you with updates.
  • Be available for any questions you may have or follow up that needs to be done.

Trucks Dedicated to Your Freight

Not every same day trucking company can promise you that your cargo will be the only one on the truck or van, but we do. Having the vehicle dedicated to your shipment not only speeds up delivery times, it reduces the possibility that your package will suffer damage or loss. Sole vehicle dedication is guaranteed with every level of our trucking services, not just same day trucking. We are able to do this because of our driver network.

Dedicated Trucking

Dedicated Network of Vetted Drivers

The main reason we are able to provide same day trucking services in every state, as well as Canada and Mexico, is because we have a network of carriers who partner with us. So no matter where you are, your agent can see to it that an experienced driver shows up at your door and whisks your shipment away within hours of your calling us.

CALL (800) 713-1000

A Same Day Trucking Company That Delivers Peace of Mind

Same Day Trucking Company Unlike other trucking companies that leave you in the dark until your shipment reaches its destination, your agent will be using the latest in logistics technology to keep track of it. This includes satellite tracking that allows both her and the driver to monitor the road ahead to avoid eating up time at road work sites or accidents. Should your shipment be re-routed, your agent will let you know.

These are but a few of the reasons our customers turn to us for their last-minute urgent shipping needs. They are also why you should turn to us when you get the next call from one of your customers who needs your product today. And when they say today — they mean today!