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Obstacles & Opportunities: The 5 Greatest Challenges In The Expedited Trucking Industry

By Dan Boaz | Mar 6, 2018

Growing pains are a reality in every industry, and expedited freight is no exception. As the market evolves and public policy changes, trucking companies of all stripes must adapt or risk going out of business. The American Transport Research Institute (ATRI) recently published a report on the challenges that carriers must deal with going forward.

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Tesla, Navista, & Other Automakers Compete To Unveil The Leading Electric Trucks

By Dan Boaz | Jan 5, 2018

Tesla has long billed itself as the leader in advanced and sustainable vehicles. But when it comes to electric trucks, the company is at risk of being upstaged.

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Trucking continues to dominate NAFTA freight movement

By Dan Boaz | Mar 10, 2017

Although the total volume of freight moved between North American Free Trade Partners (NAFTA) declined slightly overall in 2016, trucking continued to dominate the market in overall terms securing the bulk share of freight movements within this arena.

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Federal Highway Administration to allocate nearly $3 billion in funds nationwide

By Dan Boaz | Sep 13, 2016

Our Expedited Freight services are reliant on the nation maintaining and upgrading a strong transportation infrastructure, especially by road as the majority of freight is transported via truck. With that said, it will be regarded as a boon for the sector that the Federal Highway Administration has redistributed some $2.8 billion in unused federal highway aid to the individual states.

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August law mandates commercial truck passengers required to wear seat belts

By Dan Boaz | Jun 7, 2016

In the world of expedited freight delivery services, on-time delivery and safety are both of paramount importance so it's good to see an overdue law being added to the books concerning commercial truck safety. This week it has been confirmed that the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are enacting a law that states that

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Growing demand for expedited freight services sees UPS expand LA/Ontario operations

By Dan Boaz | Apr 14, 2016

In efforts to keep up with the growing demands for expedited freight nationwide, UPS have released plans that will bring jobs and significant growth to their operations at LA/Ontario International Airport. Plans reveal that a five-year project will see a series of expansions at the airport along with the addition of about 500 jobs at the location.

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ATA trucking tonnage results from February show encouraging spike

By Dan Boaz | Mar 24, 2016

Great results released by the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) show that the seasonally-adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index managed to reach an all-time high in last month (February 2016) seeing a spike of 7.2% following a 0.3% reduction in January.

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Oregon to raise speed limits on many highways March 1st

By Dan Boaz | Feb 26, 2016

Great news for Expedited Freight services in Oregon as it has been confirmed that many highways will be increasing their speed limits next week. According to the Statesman Journal website the Oregon Department of Transportation are already fully engaged in updating signage on the impacted routes. The revision will be seen across most of the Eastern half of Oregon. 

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Expedited Freight applauds award winning work by WisDOT

By Dan Boaz | Feb 19, 2016

Every state in the union plays a part in the successful transportation of expedited freight via their respective highways, state routes and secondary surface roads. Each state's DOT are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and safety of their transport networks so it is especially nice to see recognition given to a state for their roads.

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Amazon considers Ohio for new expedited services hub & fulfillment center

By Dan Boaz | Nov 24, 2015

With the online market constantly growing its becoming more apparent than ever before that Amazon.com is now not just an online retailer, but a giant in the expedited freight and logistics field which has fueled their growth. Amazon currently operates over forty regional distribution centers across the United States and news this week suggests that they may soon be planning a giant new fulfillment center in Ohio.

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Top 10 truck freight congestion locations in 2015

By Dan Boaz | Nov 20, 2015

In the Expedited Freight market, our number one priority is the on time delivery of your urgent freight. With that in mind knowing where to expect the heaviest traffic congestion helps our expeditors provide realistic transit times for each shipment which requires expedited freight services. Therefore the release of the latest list of the most congested highway locations nationwide makes for an interesting and relevant read.

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Pat Thomas of UPS elected new ATA chairman

By Dan Boaz | Nov 18, 2015

The American Trucking Association has announced that the newly elected chairman of the organization will be Pat Thomas. Mr. Thomas is the senior vice president of state government affairs with UPS, a position he will retain as he becomes the 71st chairman of the ATA. Thomas is the son of Craig Thomas, the former U.S. Senator who represented Wyoming for twelve years until he passed away in 2007.

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ATA welcomes new transportation bill

By Dan Boaz | Nov 10, 2015

Throughout the trucking industry, this year may be most remembered for the extended wait for a new national transportation bill, a topic that has been high on everyone's agenda for more than twelve months. For expedited freight companies and all nationwide trucking companies, our highway infrastructure provides the platform for success within our industry and the economy as a whole.

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Revised highway funding bill under review soon

By Dan Boaz | Oct 27, 2015

In what will be welcome news throughout the trucking industry and for all those who depend on Expedited Freight it looks like a transportation bill is gradually moving closer to approval in Washington D.C. The House of Representative’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee provisionally approved a revised version of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015 after numerous revisions.

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New investment partnership brings truck platooning one step closer

By Dan Boaz | Sep 4, 2015

Whether truck platooning eventually becomes a realistic and viable cost-saving plan for trucking in the years ahead will be largely dependent upon investment and research by interested partners. A new agreement between Peloton Technology and Lockheed Martin suggests that the concept will certainly see the benefits of further exploration.

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California ports to add appointment systems to improve flow of freight via truck

By Dan Boaz | Sep 1, 2015

In a bid to relieve trucking congestion issues at the always busy Southern California ports, next year will see the introduction of an appointment system to improve processes. The upcoming changes will impact 10 of 13 terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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U.S. manufacturing growth is helping to drive demand for expedited freight services

By Dan Boaz | Aug 19, 2015

If the trucking industry provides a good indicator of the pulse of our economy then the manufacturing sector is either the heart or the lungs and according to the Federal Reserve's industrial production report manufacturing production is growing stronger. The report indicated very encouraging growth of 0.9 percent in June, gains that easily recouped some smaller losses earlier in the year.

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June sees trucking conditions hit peak for 2015 so far

By Dan Boaz | Aug 14, 2015

Encouraging news about the health of the trucking sector emerged this week as the TCI (Trucking Conditions Index) compiled by FTR leaped to a 2015 high point in June. The industry is enjoying a solid year to date and these figures will surely stoke optimism

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Trucking volume projections from ATA forecast 28% growth over eleven years

By Dan Boaz | Jul 29, 2015

A month is a long time in the trucking industry but for those who are in the sector for the long haul (pun intended) the latest report from the American Trucking Association projects that ground freight volumes will increase by more than 28 percent over the next eleven years. While there will always be

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How will bridge collapse on Interstate 10 in California impact expedited freight in the region?

By Dan Boaz | Jul 21, 2015

The recent collapse of a bridge on Interstate 10 in Southern California is a stark reminder of the infrastructure investment desperately needed on our nation's roads and highways, especially bridges as many have reached an age where they are deemed no longer suitable for purpose. The collapse, caused by unseasonal summer flooding into a normally dry wash, fortunately, caused no deaths and just one serious injury but it's the impact on transportation in the region and expedited freight in particular which will be keenly felt.

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Trucking employment reaches historic peak in June

By Dan Boaz | Jul 10, 2015

Very encouraging news from the trucking sector this week via joc.com as their well known index indicates that trucking companies across the country now employ more workers than at any previous point in time. It's an excellent sign for the industry in general and also the expedited freight market, the numbers had been long aniticipated by many within the transportation world.

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Could one man change the future of the entire trucking industry?

By Dan Boaz | Jul 2, 2015

We spend a lot of time considering the future of expedited freight trucking and the trucking industry in general, wondering how technology, fuel, the economy and changing trends will continue to impact the giant transportation infrastructure of the nation. Fuel efficiency will no doubt continue to be a major environmental and economc factor, with that in mind I was amazed to read about a man from East Dundee, IL named Michael Niss.

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Revised trucking tolls outlined for Rhode Island

By Dan Boaz | Jun 24, 2015

Proposed changes to highway funding in Rhode Island look set to be a contentious issue as we wrote about a few weeks ago here on the expeditedfreight.com blog. This week we see the next round in this developing story as state lawmakers are now reviewing a revised version of the bill which adds hefty tolls to commercial trucks transporting freight through or within the state.

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New Sageworks study shows specialty trucking business is booming

By Dan Boaz | Jun 19, 2015

We're in the middle of another busy month at expeditedfreight.com as we continue to see the demand for expedited trucking services remain very solid so far during 2015. Our nationwide network of vehicles and round the clock coverage matched with

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Expedited Freight services will benefit from Charleston, WV highway improvements when complete

By Dan Boaz | Jun 12, 2015

Here at expeditedfreight.com we're always pleased to share news about major highway improvements as our urgent trucking services are reliant on avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring your freight arrives on time. With that said some major improvments are nearing completion on Interstate 64 in Charleston WV which will help traffic move more freely through the city which sees I-77 and I-79 also converge.

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Rhode Island trucking toll proposal prompts response from trucking industry

By Dan Boaz | Jun 2, 2015

Another new highway funding story this week that impacts the trucking and expedited freight sector sees an ambitious new revenue scheme in Rhode Island backed by Governor Gina Raimondo that will see all large commercial vehicles pay a hefty toll to pass through the state.

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Bill proposes that Raleigh and Norfolk be connected by new Interstate highway

By Dan Boaz | May 19, 2015

While trucking news continues to be dominated by the still pending transportation funding bill there is good news for expedited trucking and national trucking companies operating in or through North Carolina and Virginia. Last week saw the introduction

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NTSB study highlights the value of onboard video cameras for trucking sector

By Dan Boaz | May 10, 2015

Technology continues to improve the efficiencies of our industry on a constant basis, so much of what can be accomplished today in terms of supply chain success and express delivery management as a result of improved technology was almost inconceivable just a few short years ago. Another aspect that can benefit greatly from these improvements is improved safety within the trucking sector.

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Drivers strike at Port of Los Angeles & Long Beach causing concern

By Dan Boaz | May 1, 2015

Day four of new port issues at Los Angeles and Long Beach will leave companies hoping that a rapid resolution can be found to avoid further delays and backlogs at the entry ports already so badly impacted by disputes earlier in the year. The demand for expedited trucking services and overnight freight is likely to grow if the dispute reaches a second week.

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Expedited Freight helps keep the economy on track

By Dan Boaz | Apr 30, 2015

A very warm welcome to our fully updated site at ExpeditedFreight.com and the introduction of our newest blog; the Expedited Freight Blog. Our blog launch here will partner our established blogs at our other websites within the Expedited Group of Companies, namely the;

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