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In a bid to relieve trucking congestion issues at the always busy Southern California ports, next year will see the introduction of an appointment system to improve processes. The upcoming changes will impact 10 of 13 terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Terminal operators have stated that the introduction of the appointment system will help to relieve congestion throughout the related supply chain allowing the ports to function in a far more efficient and predictable manner. Any improvements are welcome at the busiest container ports in the country.

Some of the ports have already launched an appointments process and are reporting that the benefits are instantaneous according to Mark Wheeler the GM of West Basin Container Terminal.

“We have seen a marked decline in queuing at our gates and better turn times for our truckers"

Expedited Freight portsAt present trucks typically spend hours at entrances to ports waiting for bottlenecks to clear and the congestion issues aren't limited to outside the terminal with major issues inside the port facilities. Appointment processes are currently being tested or are already up and running in other North American ports including Vancouver, Norfolk and New York-New Jersey and are demonstrating tangible benefits.

A year from now we'll have a good idea of whether the process changes will improve the flow of freight in Los Angeles and Long Beach ports and if all goes as planned it will help the industry substantially.

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