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Our Expedited Freight services are reliant on the nation maintaining and upgrading a strong transportation infrastructure, especially by road as the majority of freight is transported via truck. With that said, it will be regarded as a boon for the sector that the Federal Highway Administration has redistributed some $2.8 billion in unused federal highway aid to the individual states.

This funding is critical for the transportation industry and can be applied toward highway projects that are ongoing and will help begin or complete numerous road and bridge projects. The annual distribution of remaining surplus funds is scheduled to coincide with the end of September break in the fiscal year.

Expedited Freight federal highway fundingThe individual state allocations are in relation to taxes contributed and sees California receiving the largest amount at $293.1 million while New York is second, with $155.8 million. The other states in order of funding in the top ten are Florida, at $150 million, followed by Illinois, $133.4 million; and Pennsylvania, $123.4 million. The top ten is completed with Georgia, at $122.2 million; Ohio, with $120 million; Michigan, at $103.5 million; Virginia, $90 million; and Texas, $75 million.

In turn, the individual states are obliged to allocate funds to specific projects within a scheduled timeframe. In many cases these added funds allow the completion of critical projects which help keep our industry, and your shipments, arriving on time.

No matter where you are located in the country, we have a nationwide fleet of vehicles positioned to transport your urgent same day and next day freight. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the very best expedited freight services in the industry, please call us today at (800) 713-1000. 

ExpeditedFreight.com was founded by Dan Boaz and is completely dedicated to your success and satisfaction. As your dependable and trusted Full Truckload company, we work daily to maintain unrivalled service and ensure on-time delivery acros your state, region or nationally. Contact us today at 800-713-1000 or complete our quick quote form


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