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We're in the middle of another busy month at expeditedfreight.com as we continue to see the demand for expedited trucking services remain very solid so far during 2015. Our nationwide network of vehicles and round the clock coverage matched withour premium levels of support has seen us make consistent strides in handling urgent freight no matter the destination.

Expedited Freight SageworksWith that said, a new report from Sageworks confirms what we already expected; general freight trucking is seeing the largest growth nationally amongst all of the small business sectors that their report measures. The Sageworks report looked at sales data from businesses with annual revenues of less than $5 million and found that freight trucking companies are growing at an outstanding rate of 24.8 percent for their just concluded 12 month measurement period.

The study also indicated that specialty trucking companies have recorded growth of 16.3 percent over the same period. Both sets of numbers are very impressive against the backdrop of a stable but slow set of economic indicators but suggests that small businesses, especially in the freight field, are finding ways to succeed and grow. Sageworks analyst Chuck Nwokocha expands on this;

“A lot of growth in trucking initially after the recession was related to oil and oil production, but even as some of the production has tapered down and oil prices have dropped, growth among small businesses in the industry still remains high,”

Many of the sectors showing the healthiest growth are related to the construction industry which has a natural relationship with trucking along with good results for equipment and supply companues along with machinery/light industrial firms also.


About Sageworks: Sageworks possesses a broad, expandable technology that allows for the rapid analysis, interpretation, and aggregation of financial data. We use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate nearly all of our reports and analytics. 

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