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Technology continues to improve the efficiencies of our industry on a constant basis, so much of what can be accomplished today in terms of supply chain success and express delivery management as a result of improved technology was almost inconceivable just a few short years ago. Another aspect that can benefit greatly from these improvements is improved safety within the trucking sector.

I'd wager that within five to ten years onboard video systems will be standard operational practices for all large carriers and the National Traffic Safety Board agrees on the benefits. A new study released by the NTSB finds that onboard videos can provide ' valuable information for evaluating the circumstances leading to a crash'. The report elaborates that the value is greatly enhanced with properly positioned cameras that are suitable for low light recording.

Expedited Freight trucking safetyThe study takes a deep look at two fatal crashes in recent years that involved incidents recorded via camera on a school bus and a motor coach respectively although the NTSB are evaluating usage to be just as beneficial within the commercial vehicle industry and of course for trucking. The study makes for a fascinating and intense read and critically highlights where cameras can provide huge assistance in assessing the actual events of serious crashes and providing valuable data that can reduce accidents.

In conjunction with the national NTSB goal of reducing highway deaths to an eventual 'zero' that we wrote about previously, the report certainly provides recommendations that trucking associations who already operate video recording devices should consider.

The technology is already with us and we hope that the industry adopts it on a widespread scale over the coming years.

The entire study (via .PDF) is hosted on our on-site resources and can be accessed here, our thanks to the NTSB for conducting the study.

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