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Oregon to raise speed limits on many highways March 1st

By Dan Boaz | Feb 26, 2016

Great news for Expedited Freight services in Oregon as it has been confirmed that many highways will be increasing their speed limits next week. According to the Statesman Journal website the Oregon Department of Transportation are already fully engaged in updating signage on the impacted routes. The revision will be seen across most of the Eastern half of Oregon. 

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California ports to add appointment systems to improve flow of freight via truck

By Dan Boaz | Sep 1, 2015

In a bid to relieve trucking congestion issues at the always busy Southern California ports, next year will see the introduction of an appointment system to improve processes. The upcoming changes will impact 10 of 13 terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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Expedited Freight services will benefit from Charleston, WV highway improvements when complete

By Dan Boaz | Jun 12, 2015

Here at expeditedfreight.com we're always pleased to share news about major highway improvements as our urgent trucking services are reliant on avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring your freight arrives on time. With that said some major improvments are nearing completion on Interstate 64 in Charleston WV which will help traffic move more freely through the city which sees I-77 and I-79 also converge.

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Rhode Island trucking toll proposal prompts response from trucking industry

By Dan Boaz | Jun 2, 2015

Another new highway funding story this week that impacts the trucking and expedited freight sector sees an ambitious new revenue scheme in Rhode Island backed by Governor Gina Raimondo that will see all large commercial vehicles pay a hefty toll to pass through the state.

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