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Washington DC businesses seek expedited freight services for urgent shipments.

The moment a person mentions Washington DC, most people think about the governmental organizations and federal workers as the major industrial complex in the area. Yet Washington DC is an economic hot bed for publishing houses, tech companies, construction contractors, telecommunications industries, retail markets and the hospitality sector. All these corporations rely on equipment and product shipments to reach warehouse docks and business doors in the surrounding region as well as across the country.

Expedited Delivery Services for Washington DC B2B Customers

Expedited Freight Washington DC Expedited Freight Washington services provides urgent freight shipping solutions for companies located in Washington DC as well as in Alexandria and Fairfax Virginia, and Gaithersburg and Baltimore Maryland. When there are last minute shipments and emergency freight that can't wait several days, or the afternoon, to be shipped out, our expedited freight company Washington will get the transportation job done right the first time.

Expedited delivery Washington DC from a trusted carrier will ensure that emergency and urgent freight arrives on schedule while being handled with the utmost care. Our drives are professionally trained to handle and load different types of freight on vehicles while ensuring everything is secure during the trip. For long distances across the United States, Canada and Mexico, our drivers work as teams to keep the truck moving nonstop while allowing our drivers to rest in shifts.

When a company is looking for rush deliveries that must arrive that same day, overnight, next day or in two days, Expedited Freight will provide the right logistical strategies.

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Expedited Freight Carrier Solutions

Our premiere freight services are tailored to the needs of Washington DC businesses in every type of industry.

  • Expedite vehicles offer exclusive use services as only the customer's freight is on the vehicle to ensure a nonstop trip without multiple delivery stops.
  • Nationwide coverage anywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada as we have a partner carrier network with 10,000+ fleet vehicles.
  • We offer sprinter vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractor trailers that are matched to the size of the freight as we can transport both full load and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments.
  • Dedicated agents become your single point of contact as they are available around the clock to help business owners select transportation options as they will dispatch drivers and provide delivery alerts.
  • Our drivers will typically arrive at the pickup location within 2 hours after a business calls our company. Then they will drive the freight directly to the destination.

Getting Your Urgent Shipments Delivered On Time

Whether it is time sensitive shipments that need to be delivered across the city or emergency parts that have to arrive in two days to a town across the country, Expedited Freight provides exceptional urgent delivery services for companies.

Expedited Freight Washington DC, District of Columbia

Washington DC businesses can trust that our drivers and agents will take care of their freight during the entire trip. Call us today to get a free quote and for more information.

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