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Manufacturing and agricultural industries in Peoria benefit from expedited delivery services.

When it comes to companies in Peoria, Illinois, agriculture and manufacturing are large market sectors in the region. Over 1,000 different products are made for people across the country. For B2B corporations, there are times when expedited freight delivery is essential to move their raw materials to factory floors and equipment to processing plants.

Experienced Expedited Delivery Peoria

Expedited Freight Peoria Here at Expedited Freight Peoria, we provide the urgent transportation solutions that these companies need so that their operations keep functioning efficiently.

We work with companies throughout Peoria, Galesburg, Davenport, Ottawa, Bloomington, Burlington, and Champaign to get their shipments to and from warehouses, construction sites and business doors.

Our expedited freight company Peoria offers the trusted logistical strategies to get urgent and emergency freight to their destinations.

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Expedited Freight Handles Your Urgent Shipments:

  • Exclusive-Use Vehicles and Drivers: Our expert drivers are here to help manufacturing and agricultural companies who are experiencing transportation obstacles with their freight. Each customer has access to a dedicated vehicle as our drivers will only load up their freight. Then they will make point-to-point deliveries as companies can decide between selecting tractor trailers, large straight trucks, small straight trucks and large cargo sprinter vans for their shipments.
  • Nationwide Transportation Fleet: We have over 10,000+ vehicles standing ready to transport freight anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico. We match the size of the freight to the size of the vehicle to offer the most cost-effective solutions. Our drivers will arrive sometime within two hours at the pickup site from the moment that our customers make the call. For long distance trips, we have team drivers who will work in shifts as the vehicle will keep moving down the road until it arrives at the destination.
  • Air Services Available: When ground transportation services are not fast enough, Expedited Freight also offers air charter and air cargo services. We will take your freight to the airport and pick it up after the plane lands to perform the last mile delivery service.
  • Around-the-clock Agents: Our dedicated agents are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help with the customer's shipment. They will answer the customer's important questions, provide timely updates regarding delivery schedules and help companies select the right transportation options based on their freight and the destination.

ExpeditedFreight.com | Peoria, IL

Expedited Freight Peoria Illinois

Gain peace of mind that your emergency and time critical freight will arrive on time by hiring Expedited Freight as your hot shot expediting company. We will get your shipment out on the road heading to and from Peoria, or to other locations across the country. Learn more about Expedited Freight's logistical services, and receive a free quote, by contacting one of our professional agents.

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