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Worcester's economic growth benefits from growing expedited freight services.

With a young educated workforce, innovative economy and cost-competitive working environment, businesses set up shop in Worcester to take part in the growing economy. Manufacturing, healthcare, education and technical services provides the second largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a diverse economic backdrop. To assist companies with receiving the raw materials, components, products, equipment and machinery for their operations, Expedited Freight Worcester provides express shipping to B2B locations.

Long Haul Trucking and Air Cargo Options

Expedited Freight Worcester Our expedited freight company Worcester provides rush delivery for all types of shipments. Our same day delivery services, as well as next day and overnight services, will get freight to warehouses, business doors, construction sites, retail shops and other B2B locations.

We offer expedited delivery Worcester, throughout Massachusetts and across the country. When a company requires the latest logistical strategies to get their freight out on the road or up in the air, Expedited Freight is the dedicated carrier to call.

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Our hot shot ground and air cargo solutions include:

  • Point-to-Point National Ground Services: When the shipment is loaded on one of our 10,000+ carrier vehicles, it can travel to any specified location in the United States, Mexico and Canada. We offer point-to-point delivery services, which means our drivers will go directly to the pickup location, load the freight, and drive immediately to the destination without transfers or cross docking.
  • Multiple Vehicle Types: Expedited delivery Worcester is done using sprinter cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractors. We match the size of the freight to the right vehicle so freight can be securely loaded on board while customers only pay for the truck size that they need.
  • Exclusive Use Vehicle Services: Once a customer decides on the vehicle for their freight, that truck or van is reserved strictly for their use. No other shipment will be loaded on board. So the company can place as much or as little freight as they want on the vehicle. We will perform both LTL and full truckload expedited delivery services.
  • Air Cargo: For fast shipment over long distances, our expedited freight company Worcester can add scheduled air cargo services to our ground transportation options. We'll load the freight on a consolidated air expedited cargo flight to the destination as our drivers will perform the final delivery.
  • Air Charter: Time sensitive, emergency and urgent freight can take a booked air charter flight for those instances where a shipment has to reach the destination in the shortest amount of time possible. We will get the shipment up in the air and on its way to the destination.

Expedited Freight Worcester Offers Exceptional Customer Services

Our agents are available whenever a company has a late shipment, emergency shipment, just-in-time freight or time critical freight that has to be delivered by a same day carrier company. We are here 24/7 to take transportation orders and dispatch our waiting drivers. The vehicles will typically arrive two hours after a customer makes a call, as the drivers will professionally load and secure the freight.

Expedited Freight Services Worcester Massachusetts

For long haul trucking circumstances, team drivers will be dispatched to ensure the vehicle keeps moving down the road without making any stops. Combining our dedicated drivers, reliable agents, and sophisticated logistical strategies into our impeccable ground and air transportation services ensures that our hot shot company is the top express carrier that businesses can trust.

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We'll Get Your Freight to Its Destination

Expedited Freight Worcester Massachusetts

Reach out to Expedited Freight when your company has B2B shipments that must be delivered into and from Worcester, MA. Ask our agents about getting a free quote.

Expedited Freight Locations for Massachusetts:

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