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Omaha's diverse economy requires trusted logistical services.

When it comes to major industries in Omaha, there is such a broad range of companies spread out through the entire region to provide a strong economic base. There is something for everyone here, with manufacturing, construction and mining companies providing services and products to the utilities, education and healthcare sectors. 

Expedited Freight Company Omaha

Expedited Freight Omaha With so many different companies setting up shop in Omaha, they need specialized expedited delivery Omaha freight. Expedited Freight is the ideal transportation company for the region.

Expedited Freight works strictly with B2B customers as we provide rush delivery services in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Fremont and Council Bluffs. We offer both ground and air freight transportation to destinations anywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

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Our services include:

  • Same Day, Next Day and Two-Day Ground Services: We have a 10,000+ vehicle fleet standing by to provide logistical strategies to companies through Omaha, Nebraska. Our fleet consists of large straight trucks and tractors for heavy machinery, equipment and full truckloads. We also provide small straight trucks and large sprinter cargo vans for palletized freight and smaller LTL shipments.
  • Air Charter and Scheduled Air Cargo Services: For shipments that need faster delivery options, we can also set up exclusive air charter or scheduled air cargo services. We will transport your freight to the airport, as well as pick it up at the destination airport to perform the last mile delivery.
  • Fast and Reliable Service Solutions: Our drivers are standing by to pick up the shipments around the clock, even after business hours. They will arrive about 2 hours after the call, depending on the distance, to load up the shipment. Then they provide point-to-point delivery services by driving the freight immediately to the destination. We also have team drivers available for long distance shipping orders.
  • Cost-Effective Logistical Strategies: Our expedited freight Omaha services seek to provide you with the most efficient solutions that is perfect for your budget. To cut down on fuel and transportation costs, we match the size of the freight to the size of the truck. So you get the right vehicle for the job. In addition, only one customer's freight is on the vehicle, so the company can fill up the truck as much as they want as the shipment goes on a nonstop trip without any detours or delays.

ExpeditedFreight.com | Omaha, NE

Expedited Freight Omaha Nebraska

When a company has to get shipments delivered to a processing plant, office building, warehouse loading dock, construction site or other B2B location, Expedited Freight is the first company to call. We are the premiere expedited broker services company in Nebraska. Call us today to learn about our service options, to ask about our logistical solutions, or to receive a free quote.

Call (704) 660-9000