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Bull City Carriers: An Expedited Freight Company Durham & All The Triangle

Mild weather. Strategic location. A skilled, educated population. These descriptions barely scratch the surface in explaining why Durham has become one of the most dynamic cities in the United States.

The town has always been an important part of the North Carolina economy, having hosted advanced manufacturing and quality education for more than a century. 

Expedited Delivery Durham, North Carolina

Expedited Freight Durham

But as the Triangle has grown in wealth and population, Durham has jumped out as its economic center. From pharma companies like GlaxoSmithKline to tech firms like IBM to manufacturers like Cree and AW, myriad businesses have descended on Durham, eager to take advantage of everything the Bull City has to offer.

ExpeditedFreight.com helps the city stay ahead of this endless growth. As an expedited freight Durham expert with extensive experience in the Triangle, we offer rapid logistical services to businesses in desperate needs of supplies. We have the skills and savvy to eliminate any shipping emergency, getting you the goods you need ahead of schedule.

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Expedited Freight Durham

As anyone who’s lived in the Triangle can tell you, Durham’s had its fair share of growing pains. The city’s population and business community has grown faster than the infrastructure supplying it, leading to massive traffic congestion on local highways. North Carolina’s famously unpredictable weather doesn’t help; seemingly secure routes can suddenly be disrupted when a rainstorm or other meteorological event arises. Consequently, Durham businesses often don’t know whether their shipping plans will succeed, and have to hope fate will be kind to them.

Expedited Freight Ground Durham

ExpeditedFreight.com takes fate out of the equation. In its place, we put an expertly crafted shipping strategy, which ensures rapid, reliable shipments through:

  • Localized Planning— The ExpeditedFreight.com team memorizes every detail of the routes into Durham and throughout the Triangle. We know traffic patterns, weather patterns, road quality, road capacity, and a host of other factors, and take all of them into account when planning your delivery. By balancing all these factors, we can select a route that gets you your goods as quickly as possible while having a minimal risk of delay or derailment. And because we know the area so well, we can form these plans without skipping a beat, so there’s little lag time between when you place the order and when the truck takes to the road.
  • Skilled Services— Our team consists of the best personnel in the trucking business. We carefully vet each driver, making sure they have not just technical qualifications, but also a demonstrated commitment to service that's swift, safe, and courteous. Once we’ve selected these drivers, we assign them in pairs so they never have to undertake long deliveries alone. Sending drivers in teams of two means that each driver has a chance to sleep while the other works; we instruct them to switch off regularly so that both are fully rested whenever they’re on the job. Thanks to this strategy, our drivers are never too tired to work safely, and yet we don’t need to stop our trucks overnight, eliminating a major source of delay for expedited shipping.
  • Evasive Tracking— ExpeditedFreight.com tracks each of our vehicles while they’re on the road, and watches the road ahead for signs of trouble. Because we invest in such advanced tracking equipment, we know about storms, jams, and road closures long before our vehicles reach them. We thus have a chance to guide our vehicles around these obstacles, so that they’ll be able to stay on track throughout the delivery. Our team takes full advantage of this opportunity, considering all alternative routes, selecting the one that best keeps to your schedule, and steering the drivers onto it while there’s still time.
  • Vast Networking— ExpeditedFreight.com has put together a network of vehicles and drivers that extends all over North America. From the Yucatan Peninsula to Quebec and Newfoundland, no starting point is more than a few hours from one of our trucks, trailers, or sprinter vans. This means you won’t have to wait for us to get a vehicle out to your starting point and start loading up your goods. Instead, your goods will be loaded in two hours tops, allowing us to get right onto the road and reach Durham as quickly as possible.
  • Dedicated Trucking— Further cutting down on delays is our dedicated trucking strategy, whereby we reserve each truck for one client at a time. This strategy means we can pick the most direct route to your destination, without needing to build in detours that will allow us to serve other clients on the way.
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ExpeditedFreight.com | Durham, NC

Expedited Freight Durham North Carolina

ExpeditedFreight.com is always available to answer your questions and advise you on your shipments. Whether you want a free quote for a future order or an update on a current order’s process, contact us today.

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