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Akron's commercial business sector requires reliable transportation options.

Building a strong and growing economy has allowed the city of Akron to be a major industrial player for the Ohio region. Top employers create products and services in the healthcare, utilities, rubber materials and banking sectors, as they turn to Expedited Freight to get their shipments to their destinations on time no matter where the location is in the United States, Mexico or Canada. For urgent freight that has to arrive in two days or less, our expedited freight company Akron can provide the trusted logistical solutions.

Expedited Freight Akron B2B Customers

Expedited Freight Akron Some shipments need to be delivered immediately. It may be a late shipment of palletized raw materials that will be used in production processes, machinery components that are time sensitive as the shipment has to get to operations due to a mechanical breakdown, or completed products that have to be delivered to a retailer for a big sales event. Here at Expedited Freight, we understand that urgent shipments have to be transported using the fastest and safest options available as we offer hot shot expediting shipping solutions that companies can trust.

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Expedited Delivery Akron

Our expedited trucking services are available for B2B customers in Akron, Canton, Stow, Youngstown, Warren and Medina as you can enjoy these cost-effective solutions.

  • Ground and Air Transportation: Commercial customers can take advantage of our rush ground delivery services as we offer sprinter cargo vans, tractors, small straight trucks and large straight trucks for full truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. We provide point-to-point delivery services as we perform no cross docking or freight transfers. When a customer requires faster delivery options, we can also arrange for exclusive air charter or scheduled air cargo options as our drivers will perform the last mile delivery.
  • Freight Matching System: To cut back on transportation costs and to ensure that the customers get the right vehicle to handle the job, we provide freight matching solutions. The size of the freight is determined as it is then matched to the right vehicle that can handle the job. Every vehicle is for exclusive use as only one customer's freight is on the truck to provide point-to-point delivery. So a company can place as much or a little freight as they want on the truck or van.
  • Reliable Transportation Solutions: Our agents and drivers are ready to handle any shipment order day or night. Our agents will dispatch the driver as soon as they receive a call as the vehicle will arrive at the pickup location typically within two hours. Then the shipment will be taken to the destination without any stops. For occasions when the shipment has to travel long distances, team drivers will be used.

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Expedited Freight Akron Ohio

No matter where your freight has to go in the United States, Canada or Mexico, Expedited Freight will get it to the destination as quickly and as safely as possible. Reach out to our company today for a free quote.

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