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Providence, Rhode Island sees a growing manufacturing industrial sector.

The city of Providence has made great strides in building up its economic landscape in the past decade. Healthcare, education and service industries continue to be the dominate types of businesses in the region. Yet manufacturing companies have also seen significant activity here, making a more diverse economic environment.

Here at Expedited Freight, we provide rush delivery services for B2B shipments throughout Providence and the state of Rhode Island so freight arrives in that same day, overnight or the next day.

Expedited LTL and Full Truckload Services

Expedited Freight Providence

Freight shipments going to and from Providence companies may appear anytime during the day. Express delivery service is essential to keep operations running and to provide the products, equipment and machinery for workers to stay productive.

Expedited Freight Providence can move the shipments anytime they appear to get them to any commercial location, including warehouses, business offices, construction sites, processing facilities, universities, and medical centers. We work with companies throughout Providence, Taunton, Warwick, and New Bedford to provide cost effective and fast deliveries to meet their tight deadlines and schedules.

Types of freight that we transport with our long haul trucking services include:

  • Late shipments
  • Emergency and urgent shipments
  • Time critical freight
  • Time sensitive freight
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) freight
Expedited Freight Providence Rhode Island

Even if the shipment is just a single crate or pallet, we can provide priority freight shipping services to move it anywhere in Rhode Island, the United States, Canada and Mexico. When it is emergency, urgent or late LTL freight, we will pick it up and get it delivered. We also have the vehicles to handle the larger shipments, including heavy material's handling and construction equipment.

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Providence, RI Hot Shot Trucking and Air Freight Services

Our expedited delivery Providence service options are tailored for companies who have varying delivery needs. We offer both ground point-to-point transportation options as well as air cargo freight delivery services. With drivers located across the country, we handle the entire transportation process through our company without any cross docking or transfers.

Providence Ground Expedited Services

Expedited Freight Ground Providence
  • Truck and Van Carrier Fleet: Our 10,000+ carrier fleet consists of sprinter cargo vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and tractors. When a customer requests services, they will obtain a vehicle that is for their exclusive use. Only their shipment will be on the vehicle as they can place in as much freight as necessary.
  • Shipment Size Matching: Here at Expedited Freight Providence, we offer cost savings that are passed onto customers. Our shipment size matching system will take into account the size of the shipment and match it to the right vehicle that can handle the job. So customers don't have to pay for a vehicle that isn't right for the shipment.

Providence Air Cargo Expedited Services

Expedited Air Cargo Providence
  • Consolidated Air Cargo: There are times when the fastest expedited delivery Providence is required for shipments that have to travel longer distances. We will place the freight on a consolidated, scheduled flight to the destination airport as our waiting drivers will pick it up.
  • Booked Air Charter: When an emergency or time-critical shipment has to get to the destination faster, request our air charter services. We will book a pilot and plane to exclusively fly the freight out. Then our drivers will load it up onto our vehicles and make the last mile delivery service.
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Expedited Trucking Customer Services

Expedited Freight Providence

Expedited Freight combines our trusted transportation services with exceptional customer services so companies are satisfied with our work. Advantages gained when working with our company.

  • Available Around the Clock: Our agents and vehicles are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as an agent will become the single point of contact for the customer as they will handle the entire process. The agent will process the orders, dispatch drivers, answer questions and perform follow-up work.
  • Fast Loading: Drivers will be dispatched to the warehouse, business doors or job site to pick up the freight within 2 hours after the customer calls our company -- depending on the distance. They will secure the crates, palletized freight, small equipment and machinery before driving the shipment immediately to the delivery destination.
  • Team Long Distance Drivers: Team drivers will be used for any freight that has to travel long distances. The drivers will take rest shifts in the truck to keep the vehicle moving down the road.

Expedited Freight Company Providence


When your company requires expedited freight delivery in Providence, Taunton, Warwick, and New Bedford, contact Expedited Freight.

Whether a company needs healthcare equipment and devices to be delivered to their facility, or a manufacturer requires a shipment of late raw materials to be expedited to the plant floor, our expedited freight company Providence can get the work completed.

We provide same day, next day and overnight delivery services for B2B companies so that their urgent, late and emergency shipments arrive on time. Speak with our agents today for more information.

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