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Hartford, CT is home to Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations.

Hartford is not only the capital city of Connecticut, it is also well-known as the Insurance Capital of the World and has many manufacturers that are Fortune 500 companies. Common products that are made in the region include biomedical/pharmaceutical items, jet parts, aerospace components and fiber optic products. Shipments are constantly moving from Hartford to the neighboring areas of New Haven, Bristol, and Bridgeport in Connecticut as well as Springfield in Massachusetts.

Expedited Delivery Hartford

Expedited Freight Hartford Expedited Freight provides the logistical services that these companies need to provide shipments to each other in the region and to other corporations across the country. Our premiere expedited freight Hartford services help to get urgent and emergency freight to where it needs to go.

As a dedicated expedited freight company Hartford, we understand the logistical obstacles that can interfere with a company's schedule when they have last minute shipments. This freight may need to be delivered overnight, next day or within two days to keep operations running efficiently. Our vast carrier network works with companies to get their shipments anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico whether it is a short trip across town or a longer drive to the West Coast.

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What makes our services highly desirable are our dedicated agents, professional drivers and varying transportation options:

  • Agents are available around the clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to make shipment arrangements during and after business hours.
  • Our drivers are highly trained to handle all freight with care while ensuring the fastest delivery. The drivers will typically arrive within 2 hours after the transportation order to load the freight. Then they will work as teams to drive your shipment for long distances.
  • We offer sprinter vans, large straight trucks, small straight trucks and tractors for freight shipments. The freight size is matched with the truck to ensure the customer gains additional cost savings. In addition, the customer gets exclusive use of the vehicle as only their freight is loaded onto the truck, as this option speeds up the delivery process.

Expedited Freight for B2B Customers

When you need premium freight services for last minute shipments, late shipments or emergency freight, contact Expedited Freight. We are your expedited freight carrier company operating throughout the Hartford area and neighboring region. No matter where the customer is located nationally, we can get the shipment loaded up and delivered in the fastest manner possible. In addition, we also offer scheduled air cargo and exclusive air charter services for even faster delivery methods.

Expedited Freight Hartford, Connecticut

Let Expedited Freight get your shipments out on the road and delivered to the warehouse, business customer, shipyard, or construction site. Contact us today to learn more and to get a quote.

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