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Wichita expedited delivery services for B2B clients

When it comes to Wichita's economy, the aviation industry has dominated the business sector for this city. From aviation parts to supplies, the city has grown its booming economy to new heights. Other industries that have made Wichita home include chemical supplies, healthcare and agribusiness companies. Whether manufacturing airplanes or offering medical devices, companies require expedited freight Wichita for emergency and urgent shipments so their products and equipment can reach business locations on time.

Expedited Freight Company Wichita

Expedited Freight Wichita Expedited Freight is the go-to transportation company assisting companies with their logistical solutions. If equipment breaks down on the facility floor or a late shipment needs to be delivered to the warehouse, Expedited Freight has the vast partner fleet to get it moving down the road.

Unexpected urgent shipments happen to small and large companies. The freight has to get on the road for same day, overnight, next day or two-day shipping. Some shipments may also need to arrive after hours or before the business opens the next day. Hot shot expedited services from Expedited Freight will get it there no matter the time of day. We have agents and drivers available around the clock to answer a customer's urgent call. We typically send out trucks within 2 hours after the call, as our drivers will arrive at the specified location in Wichita, Hutchinson, or El Dorado.

The shipment does not come to our company. Instead, we take the freight from the pickup location and take it directly to its destination whether it is across town or across the country. Only the customer's shipment is placed on the vehicle. So our drivers won't make any stops along the way. For longer distances, we have two drivers go along with the shipment as one will rest as the other drives the vehicle. This strategy ensures that the truck is always moving to the destination to meet delivery deadlines.

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Expedited Delivery Wichita Services

Expedited Freight offers ground and air transportation services for B2B customers in Wichita, Kansas.

  • Dedicated ground services provides tractors, large straight trucks, small straight trucks and sprinter cargo vans for exclusive use.
  • We deliver anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Our agent becomes the single point-of-contact and is available around the clock to answer questions and provide updates.
  • We offer scheduled air cargo and exclusive air charter services for faster transportation options.
  • We handle all types of freight: LTL shipments, full truck load, time critical freight, late shipments and JIT freight.

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Expedited Freight Topeka Kansas

Whether your company is in the aviation industry or another market sector in Wichita, transport your freight by contacting Expedited Freight. We get your shipments out on the road and to its destination as quickly as possible for urgent delivery. Call us today to get started with your shipment order.

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