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Lexington, Kentucky's rapidly growing urban center benefits from rapid B2B deliveries.

While Lexington, Kentucky is well known for its horse racing and breeding industries, technology and agribusiness also has placed their marks in the economy to make the city a thriving community. All these companies require products to keep their animals fed and healthy, crops growing, and electronics as well as software working. Here at Expedited Freight Lexington, we provide companies with B2B rush delivery solutions so shipments can reach operations on time no matter the time of day.

Rush Freight Delivery Tailored to Your Busy Schedule

Expedited Freight Lexington

Our expedited freight company Lexington understands that not all supply chains run smoothly or predictably. Late shipments, palletized freight that missed regular shipping schedules, and emergency equipment that needs to get to the plant to prevent lengthy shutdowns can appear at any time of the business day and after work hours.

That's why our dedicated carrier services are available around the clock to take these urgent and time sensitive shipments to their specific destinations so companies have the raw materials, components, parts, equipment and machinery available.

We can provide same day trucking, overnight freight delivery and next day freight shipping whether it is a full truckload or a less-than-truckload (LTL shipment. Just tell us where the cargo is located and where the freight has to go, then let our superior logistical services handle the rest of the transportation work.

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Types of freight we can transport include:

  • Emergency shipments
  • Urgent shipments
  • Just-in-time freight
  • Late shipments
  • Time critical freight
  • Time sensitive freight

Expedited Trucking and Air Cargo Logistical Options

Having several priority freight shipping services is what sets Expedited Freight Lexington apart from other carriers. We offer both long haul trucking and air freight transportation options based on how fast the customer needs to get the freight to their operations and the amount of freight that requires transportation services.

Expedited Freight Ground Lexington

Our services include:

  • Nationwide Fleet: Large tractors, small straight trucks, large straight trucks and sprinter large cargo vans can perform expedited delivery Lexington or anywhere in the state of Kentucky. We have a 10,000+ fleet located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to take your freight to any business location.
  • Exclusive Use: As a premium expedited freight company Lexington, our trucks and vans are available for exclusive use for every customer. With a single customer's freight on the truck, this improves our logistical capabilities while speeding up the delivery process as the vehicle travels nonstop to the destination. In addition, we match the size of the freight to the right vehicle to pass on additional cost savings to the customer.
  • Air Cargo Delivery Options: To offer faster hot shot freight delivery services for long distance trips, we can also provide scheduled air cargo options. The freight will be loaded on a consolidated air cargo flight to arrive at the destination.
  • Urgent Air Charter: Emergency and time sensitive freight that needs the fastest delivery services possible can gain transportation benefits with air charter services. We book an airplane as the pilot will exclusively take the customer's freight to the destination airport. Our driver's will then perform the last mile delivery service.
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Exceptional Express Carrier Services

Expedited Freight Air Lexington

Our agents are always available to take customer's delivery orders. Whether the late shipment arrives later in the day or a piece of manufacturing equipment needs to be delivered overnight so that operations can begin in the morning, Expedited Freight Lexington can perform point-to-point delivery services.

Our company will help customers decide on the best logistical solutions for their expedited delivery Lexington, handle invoicing and provide real-time alerts. In addition, we dispatch our waiting drivers immediately to the destination so they will arrive in about 2 hours depending on the pickup distance.

Get Fast B2B Freight Delivery Today

Expedited Freight Lexington Kentucky

Contact Expedited Freight when your company has to get cargo, palletized freight, equipment and machinery to a business location in Lexington and across the country. Ask us for a free quote.

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