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Aurora Access: An Expedited Freight Company Aurora With The Resources & Experience For Shipping Success

Known to the world as the Sunrise of Colorado, Aurora is one of the largest cities in Colorado and a major economic engine for the state. The city’s central location, welcoming attitude toward business, and skilled, industrious population has laid the foundation for considerable growth. It has also attracted a wide range of advanced, productive businesses, including major manufacturers like Northrup Grumman and Raytheon, as well as myriad tech, logistics, healthcare, and other firms. 

Expedited Freight Aurora, Colorado

Expedited Freight Aurora

Aurora’s success provides jobs and growth to the entire Denver area while helping Colorado become more advanced and prosperous.

ExpeditedFreight.com is committed to helping Aurora keep growing strong. We specialize in expedited delivery Aurora services, aimed at businesses that are struggling to stay on track in the fact of supply problems. Supply problems are no small matter in an economic as dynamic and complex as Aurora’s. But with the help of ExpeditedFreight.com, you’ll never have to worry about getting the items you need on the schedule you set.

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Expedited Delivery Aurora

ExpeditedFreight.com has spent years delivering in Aurora and throughout the Denver metro area.

Expedited Freight Ground Aurora

We have planned out a comprehensive shipping strategy tailored to this region:

  • Skilled Drivers— A shipping company is no better than its drivers, and ExpeditedFreight.com is no exception. We thus make it our primary objective to recruit the best professionals in the business. Our team is composed only of those with a proven record of swift, safe shipping and courtesy to customers. We want you to be confident that when we load up your goods, they’ll be in good hands from start to finish.
  • Local Knowledge— ExpeditedFreight.com makes a concerted effort to get to know every community we deliver to and from. Aided by years of experience and our drivers’ insights, we understand Aurora’s business environment, shipping needs, weather patterns, traffic patterns, and available roads. This knowledge empowers us to plan and select a route for your items as soon as you place the order. We weigh all the different factors that affect shipping times, choosing the roads that are not only fast on average, but that will consistently allow us to meet your schedule. We can thus respond flexibly and quickly to any order you place and get you your items as soon as you need them.
  • Team Solutions— Further improving our speed and flexibility is our commitment to team deliveries. Rather than send our drivers out one by one, we put them in teams of two for longer drivers. Each driver has a chance to sleep along the way; the drivers take turns so that someone is always awake to keep the car on the road. This way, we can avoid stopping our trucks overnight, a process that significantly slows down the typical shipment. But our drivers still have the chance to sleep, so you needn’t worry that lack of rest will lead to safety issues.
  • Dedicated Deliveries— When assigning two drivers to your order, we give those drivers strict instructions not to carry anyone else’s goods until they’re done with yours. This dedication to one client at a time lets us pick the most direct route to your destination, without needing to build in time for detours along the way. It also means that our drivers will be focused on the specific needs of your goods and the finer points of your schedule, so you get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Connected Networks— Boom towns like Aurora often need goods from distant parts of the country or other countries. ExpeditedFreight.com's continental shipping network lets us ship you these goods without skipping a beat. Our fleet of trucks and personnel extends through all major metro areas in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. As a result, we’re never more than a couple hours away from your starting point, allowing us to load up your items with minimal hesitation. Such a large network also means we have access to a wide variety of vehicles, from sprinter vans to straight trucks to trailers. If you tell us your order’s volume, we’ll select a vehicle that closely matches that volume in truckbed space, so that you use virtually every inch of truckbed that you pay for.
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ExpeditedFreight.com | Aurora, CO

Expedited Freight Aurora Colorado

ExpeditedFreight.com leaves nothing to chance. After coordinating all these shipping resources, we track your items as they travel along the route. Our monitoring team looks ahead of signs of weather, traffic, road closures, or other issues that could derail the shipment. If they see any of these problems, they quickly find an alternate route, contact the driver, and steer the driver onto that route. We can thus respond quickly to en route issues and keep your shipment on schedule.

For more information, call ExpeditedFreight.com.

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