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Colorado Springs, Colorado businesses look for the latest logistical solutions.

For Colorado Springs, the local economy relies on four top industries of military defense, aerospace, electronics and tourism. While these companies differ in the products and services that are provided to the region and the country, one thing is common. They all require dedicated express delivery of products that help keep their operations running smoothly. Here at Expedited Freight Colorado Springs, our dedicated trucking company provides expedited cargo services to and from their warehouses, facility floors, and military bases.

Express Carrier Service Solutions

Expedited Freight Colorado Springs

Our expedited freight company Colorado Springs understands the logistical hurdles that companies face in the region. Freight can appear at any time of the day, especially in the afternoon and early evening hours, which will need to be delivered to other business locations that same day or overnight before the business opens the next day.

Hot shot carriers such as Expedited Freight provide same day, overnight and next day freight delivery for small crates, large cargo, palletized freight, small equipment and large heavy machinery. With trusted and reliable transportation solutions, we are always available to help, day or night, by offering point-to-point ground and air cargo transportation options.

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Ground Expedited Delivery Colorado Springs

  • Freight Matching: For companies in search of cost-effective solutions, we provide shipment size matching options. We will take the size of your freight and match it to the size of the vehicle. So companies don't have to pay more for trucks or vans that are too large for the transportation work as they save on fuel costs.
  • Vehicles for Exclusive Use: When a vehicle has to make multiple delivery stops for consolidated loads, it speeds up the transportation process and creates delays. Instead, Expedited Freight provides every vehicle for exclusive use. A customer will have a sprinter large cargo van, small straight truck, large straight truck and tractor available which will only have their freight loaded on board. So the vehicle will make the fastest point-to-point ground delivery possible.
  • Nationwide Coverage and Vast Carrier Network: To be able to offer same day and next day delivery, our hot shot carrier has a 10,000+ fleet standing ready throughout the country to pick up the express freight. We can make same day, overnight, next day and two-day deliveries throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Air Cargo Expedited Services

Air Cargo
  • Consolidated Air Cargo: Combine our ground express carrier services with air cargo solutions for faster delivery options. We'll place the freight on a consolidated commercial cargo flight to the destination airport. Once arriving, we will have drivers standing by to load up the freight for final delivery. We handle the process from start to finish strictly though our company.
  • Available Air Charter: For B2B customers who are looking for the fastest logistical solutions, we can also offer air charter options. This exclusive service solution involves booking a pilot to make a freight charter flight with the cargo. No other freight will be loaded on the plane as the pilot will take it to the destination airport. Then our dedicated drivers will pick up the freight for last mile delivery services.
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Expedited Freight Colorado Springs Dedicated Services

In addition to our ground and air transportation solutions, we also provide exclusive customer services for our B2B customers to bring peace of mind that we can handle their transportation needs. Whether it is an expedited LTL shipment going across town to a warehouse, or a full truckload of freight that needs to get to a business partner in the next state, Expedited Freight Colorado Springs can make the expedited trucking delivery.

Our dedicated services include:

  • Agents Available Anytime: Each customer will have an exclusive agent who will work with them throughout the entire transportation process. Our agents are highly trained and experienced to develop the fastest logistical strategies that fit into the customer's delivery schedule. They will dispatch drivers, answer questions, perform invoicing and provide transportation alerts until the freight reaches its destination.
  • Vehicles Standing By for Fast Pickup: The moment that a customer calls, our drivers spring into action. They will arrive at the specified pickup location immediately, usually within 2 hours based on the distance. Then they will quickly and securely load up the freight before driving straight to the delivery location.
  • Team Drivers for Long Distances: To speed up the transportation delivery times for long distance expedited deliveries, team drivers will work together during the trip. So one driver can rest will the other will continue making the long distance trip to ensure the freight reaches its destination on time.

Expedited Delivery Services for Colorado Springs Businesses

Expedited Freight Colorado Springs Colorado

Here at Expedited Freight, we make sure that defense, aerospace, tourism and electronics companies can move their freight to other business operations no matter the distance. If you require same day, overnight or next day service solutions, contact our company today. Also, ask our agents about getting a free quote.

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